Dunsborough Artificial Reef

Being one of the first reefs to be deployed, the Dunsborough Artificial Reef was a flag ship deployment to showcase the benefits that such underwater structures can provided.

Since it’s deployment it’s been extremely popular and successful with a number of fantastic fish being caught by fisherman in the area.

Map of Dunsborough Artificial Reef, Western Australia

GPS Coordinates

  • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 33° 33.962’S 115° 9.980’E (Centre Point)
  • Depth: 27 metres
  • Type: Thirty concrete fish boxes times six clusters.
Map of Dunsborough Artificial Reef at Quindalup boat ramp
Photo of the map located at Quindalup Boat Ramp

Construction and layout

Similar to Bunbury and Mandurah, this artificial reefs comprises of 30 large hollow box type structures which have been deployed in six clusters.

Fishing methods

Although a great home for the fish, the hollow type structure of the boxes within the reef can also quickly claim your tackle. When fishing this area be mindful of this and if you can use fish attractants such as burley to entice the fish away from the reef structures.

This will not only reduce your tackle loss though will also give you a better chance of landing some of the bigger species that love to run straight back into protection of the reef structures once hooked.

Location map

The Dunsborough Artificial Reef is located 6.2kms north east of Old Dunsborough Town Boat Ramp and 5.7km north/north east of Quindalup Boat Ramp.

More information

The below video shows some underwater footage of the Dunsborough Reef Artificial Reef back in February 2014. No doubt there is a lot more reef and fish life there now. More information on about the deployment and it’s location can be found on the Artificial Reef page within the RecFishWest website.

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