Bunbury Artificial Reef

Similar to Dunsborough, the Bunbury Artificial Reef was first deployed in 2013. A few years later additional concrete reef type structures were added to increase the area fish could inhabit.

Map of Bunbury Artificial Reef GPS Coordinates
Map of Bunbury Artificial Reef (Including centre point GPS mark)

GPS Coordinates

  • Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM): 33° 18.500’S 115° 35.900’E (centre point)
  • Decimal Degrees(DD): -33.307967, 115.598267 (centre point)
  • Depth: 17m
  • Type: Thirty concrete fish boxes times size clusters. There are an additional 90 concrete reef modules.

Construction and layout

Similar to the Mandurah and Dunsbrough reef, the Bunbury reef is made up of thirty concrete box type structures. Additional to this, a few years after the initial six clusters where deployed, there have been another ninety concrete modules deployed within the area to interlink the existing clusters. This has provided a larger area for the fish to inhabit which has also increased the area for boats to fish.

Location map

The Bunbury Artificial Reef is located 6.5km north west of Bunbury Marina (Departing from Point Casuarina Boat Ramp)

More information

The below video shows over time how fish start to show interest and begin to inhabit the area. More information on this reef, the deployment and the cluster locations can be found on the Artificial Reef page within the RecFishWest website.

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