Fishing the Abrolhos Islands

The water around the Abrolhos Islands are some of the finest clean waters you’ll find in WA. There are many rare and prized edible fish such as the famous coral trout, tuna, red emperor, Baldchin groper, dhufish, Snapper, Spanish mackerel and much more. There are many services available within Geraldton to help you out prior to heading out so loading up on fishing tackle, fuel, food etc is never an issue. 

Aeriel view of the coral reef at the Abrolhos Islands in WA

The islands have a thriving fishing industry, with the lobster trade being a big part of it. The mainland, Geraldton, also has many restaurants where fresh grilled lobsters are sold. People are seen enjoying themselves, so even if you do not know fishing, you can enjoy a nice feed of the local cuisine. 

Snapper and spangled emperor caught at Abrolhos Islands

Fishing videos from Abrohlos Islands

Check out some of these videos from fishing at the Abrolhos Islands

Video by tight lines and Curly hair
Video by TackleWest
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