Abrolhos islands

Western Australia is the place to spend most of the time having fun and great adventures. One such place where there are awesome islands to enjoy diving, fishing, and much more is the Abrolhos Islands

North Island at Houtman Abrolhos in Western Australia

The place is quite intriguing and eye-catching. With a perfect combo of fishing and diving, the Abrolhos Islands are what you need to visit for the perfect escape in Western Australia.


The Abrolhos Islands are a cluster of islands with a total of 122 islands. The islands are located approximately 60km from Geraldton in the mid west of WA and are divided into three groups. The groups are named the Wallabi Group, the Easter Group, and the Pelserat Group. These islands stretch across from North to South upon the 100km long ocean bed. The islands hold a lot of importance because of the rare marine life found there and are a massive tourist attraction for the midwest region. 


The water around the Abrolhos Islands are some of the finest clean waters you’ll find in WA. There are many rare and prized edible fish such as the famous coral trout, tuna, red emperor, Baldchin groper, dhufish, Snapper, Spanish mackerel and much more. There are many services available within Geraldton to help you out prior to heading out so loading up on fishing tackle, fuel, food etc is never an issue. 

The islands have a thriving fishing industry, with the lobster trade being a big part of it. The mainland, Geraldton, also has many restaurants where fresh grilled lobsters are sold. People are seen enjoying themselves, so even if you do not know fishing, you can enjoy a nice feed of the local cuisine. 


The marine environment around the Abrolhos Islands is one of a kind. With many reefs both shallow and deep, divers and spearfisherman love to explore the area.  With its isolation from the coast, the underwater reefs and sea beds are teeming with spectacular marine life.  There are a number of dive charters in the area that can take you out for a day or for a few days if preferred.

One thing to be mindful of though is Great white sharks as they have been sighted in the area and there have been shark attacks in the past.  Therefore, it’s recommended that you wear a sharkshied when diving or snorkelling in the area.  Also the sea lions are quite friendly; however, they are also told to be examined from a distance as sometimes they can be wild and attack you.


Due to the number of reefs the water current around the Abrolhos Islands are quite stable, so this area is also popular for boaties heading out to catch some fish in calmer waters or for sailors looking to rest up whilst exploring the midwest coast.

One of the highlights for many visitors is the large Sampson fish in the area.  They can be quite friendly compared to the rest of the fish in the area and are often hand fed from the boats.

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