Spanish Mackerel Brag Board! 🎣📷

Western Australian anglers are lucky to catch Spanish mackerel, also known as Mackies and Spaniards. Check out the below gallery of some fantastic catches by Western Australians.

Also, If you want to see some video action of Spaniards being caught head over to our Mackerel video page.

Spanish Mackerel caught by Colin in Exmouth
20kg Spanish Mackerel caught in Exmouth, Western Australia by Colin
Spanish Mackerel bitten in half by shark
10kg Spanish Mackerel (Half the fish weighed 10kg) caught in Exmouth W.A by Wayne
Brett Skip with a massive Spanish Mackerel off the north west coast
Massive Spanish Mackerel caught by Brett Skip
Massive Spanish Mackerel caught by Brett Skip
Spanish Mackeral caught in Quobba Station by Brett Skip
Spanish Mackerel caught in Coral Bay
20kg Spanish Mackerel – Exmouth WA
Two spanish mackerel caught near coral bay
Spanish mackerel caught off warroora

Keen on catching a Mackie? Check out how to catch section of the Spaniard page.

Have an awesome Mackie pic?

Want to have your Mackie photo featured on this page? If you would like us to add your photo, please follow facebook page and send us a high-quality image of yourself with the fish. We will display these publicly and if you are one of our top contributors, we may choose you for first prize in one of our upcoming competitions!

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