Samson Fish

Samson Fish caught off Mindarie Western Australia
Samson Fish caught off Mindarie, Western Australia

Samson fish (aka Sambos) are a very popular sport fishing target for many anglers as they fight hard when hooked and can put up an impressive show on light tackle. They can grow in excess of 1.8m in length with some caught weighing over 50kg!

How to catch Samson Fish

Due to their size and power, Sambos are usually targeted using heavy duty over head reels or spin rods. They can be caught using baits whilst bottom bouncing, or they also can be caught using deep vertical jigging rigs. As there a pelagic type fish they’re always on the move so always a good idea to use a stream of burley if you wish to keep them attracted to the boat.

Where to catch

Samson fish are caught from as far as Shark bay all the way down around the West Australian coast line to south Australia.

They are found is a number of different location, though are usually attracted to structure. They can be found around rock ledges, river mouths, bays and drop offs around the coast of Western Australia. Sambos become less active during winter months (April-September) but begin to move into shallower waters to spawn from October till December.

Fun Facts about Samson Fish

Samson fish have a number of nicknames, including sambos and hippos.

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