Snapper Photo Gallery

Catching a Pink Snapper (aka Pinkie) is a rewarding catch for any west aussie angler. Check out the below photo gallery of some of the most fantastic Pinkies caught by locals in WA. Click on the photo to view a large size image of the fish.

Pink snapper caught in western australia
Pink Snapper caught by Anton Pope
Snapper caught off the rocks by Brett Skip
Snapper caught off the rocks by Brett Skip

Also, If you want to see some video action of Pinkies being caught head over to our Pink Snapper video page.

Have an awesome Pink Snapper pic?

We’re keen to add as many Pinkie captures to this page as possible. If you’d like us to add your photo, please connect with us via our Facebook page and send us pics you have. We’ll make sure these are added asap and if you’re lucky you may also win a prize from one of our upcoming species photo competitions!

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