Pink Snapper: Info, Tips, Photos & Where To Catch in WA

Pink Snapper (aka Pinkies) are a highly sought after reef fish prevalent throughout the western coast of Australia. Pinkies can grow up to 1m+ and can be up to 40 years old!

Snapper caught off the rocks by Brett Skip
Snapper caught off the rocks by Brett Skip

About Pink Snapper

Pink Snapper are considered by many as one or if not the best eating west aussie fish, especially when cooked on the BBQ or roasted in oven (don’t forget the lemon and pepper!).

Fun Facts

  1. Did you know that Snapper can live for 40yrs+
  2. Their nickname is Pinkie
  3. The

Where Can You catch Pink Snapper in Western Australia?

Pink Snapper can be caught over most of Western Australia. They are found from the waters off Karratha all the way down the coast to South Australia.

Pink Snapper prefer areas with lots of coral for cover as well as rocky reef structure , ledges and drop-offs to hang out in. Pink snapper are attracted to white wash and turbulent waters that dislodge food caught about rocks, seaweed and bommies along the coast hence fishing on the tail end of a storm is always known to be good conditions for catching pinkies.

Pink Snapper are abundant around WA with some known breeding grounds. Spots to try for pink snapper in Western Australia include:

How to catch Pink Snapper

Pink snapper can be caught via a number of different fishing methods. These include:

  • Bait fishing
  • Jigging
  • Drone fishing

Bait fishing for Pink Snapper

Pink snapper are often caught using baited fishing rigs. If the conditions are right and the water is too deep (say up to 25m) a lot of fisherman have success by creating an attractive burley channel off the back of boats with mulie cubes.

Once established then drift a lightly weighted mulie rig down through the channel to try their luck.

If you’re in deeper water then snapper are usually targeted using bottom bouncing methods with rigs such as the paternoster rig. Other baits that work well for snapper are:

  • Squid
  • Octopus
  • Slimy/blue mackerel
  • Mullet
  • Large prawns

Jigging for Pink Snapper

Jigging is another popular method of catching Pinkies. Once you’ve got them interested using burley, work the jig in the burley stream and it won’t be long until your rod is bent over with line peeling off your reel!

A great video for tips on how to catch Snapper

Drone fishing for Pink Snapper in WA

Drone fishing is another popular method for catching pink snapper in Western Australia. Check out the below video of iFish and Perth Fishing Safaris targeting snapper as the fly-out baits 300m+.

What rigs to use for Snapper

Not sure what rig to use when chasing Snapper? If not check out the video below from youtube.

How to Cook Pink Snapper

Pink Snapper Rules & Regulations

Note, as Snapper are classed as a demersal fish species there are strict bag limits and rules that apply when Snapper fishing so be sure to check out the Department of Fisheries site for the latest info before heading out.

Photos and Videos

Check out these awesome photos and videos of west aussies catching a decent feed of pink snapper!

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