Mulloway are a highly sort after fish amongst anglers within Western Australia. They are not only a great fighting fish though they are also nice eating too.

A nice Mulloway caught from Geraldton | Photo by Northern Addicts

Where can you catch Mulloway?

Mulloway can be caught all along the WA coast, from as high as Carnarvon right down around the south west coast to South Australia.  Mulloway are often caught from the beach, rivers and estuaries within Western Australia.  Although not usually fished for in the deep waters, Mulloway have also been caught in waters of 100m+.

Mulloway often come into the shallows hunting around deep holes, or channels looking for bait fish.  You’ll also find them hunting around man made structures such as the pylons of bridges, along the edge of rocky break walls, around the outskirts of marinas and harbours and in and around jetties.

There are a number of known spots up and down the WA coast for catching Mulloway.

Perth & Surrounds

If you’re keen to catch a Mulloway and live around Perth then I’d definitely recommend the Swan River.  Although I’ve caught some Mulloway from metro beaches my hit rate has always been much higher in the Swan.  Areas on the Swan River to try include:

  • Canning Bridge
  • The Narrows
Mulloway caught from the Swan River

For more information on fishing spots in the Swan River, check out our Swan River fishing page.

If you’re fishing for Mulloway along the Perth coastline then some known spots to try would be:

  • Off the Marina rock walls (South Mole, Hillarys, Ocean Reef, Mindarie, Two Rocks)
  • Around the river mouth at Moore River
  • Floreat & Cottesloe
  • Pinnaroo Point
  • Golden Bay & Singleton beach
  • Madora Bay
  • Dawesville Cut

Regional WA

– S-Bend near Geraldton
– Horricks beach
– Lancelin
– Forrest Beach (Busselton)
– Wedge Island
– Jurien Bay
Monkey Mia
Sharkbay and surrounds

Mulloway being caught from Kalbarri, Western Australia

How big do Mulloway get?

Within Australia the biggest Mulloway caught is 40Kg+, however in other countries such as South Africa, Mulloway records are much bigger.

How to catch Mulloway?

Mulloway can be caught via a number of methods, however as they are a bottom dwelling species the most common method are using baits or soft plastics.

What is the best bait for catching Mulloway?

The bait I’ve had the most success with is mullet, however there are a number of other baits that do well.  These include:

  • Fresh Tailor fillets
  • Occy (Try to skin a tentacle and just present the soft meat)
  • Fresh bony herring
  • Squid

What is the best rig for catching Mulloway?

If you’re fishing with bait then I’ve found that a rig with a running sinker works well with a mono leader.  As Mulloway are quite shy and often play the bait, a running sinker allows the bait to flutter behind the sinker giving the Mulloway time to approach the bait without being spooked by terminal tackle as it moves through the water.

A beach fishing rig for mulloway

When is the best time to fish for Mulloway?

Mulloway can be caught both at night time and during the day, however from my experience I’ve always caught bigger Mulloway at night, especially when fishing around the Swan River.

Mulloway fishing Groups

There are some great online groups that talk about everything Mulloway fishing.  Check out some of the links below:

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