Dhufish (West Australian)

The West Australian Dhufish is a prize catch in WA’s waters. A Dhufish is great eating, grows to a nice size and is a good fighting fish. This species belongs to the pearl perch family.

West Australian Dhufish
12kg Dhuie caught off Mindarie, WA

Where can you catch Dhufish?

The Dhufish is mainly found between the lower west coast of Kalbarri down through to Augusta though there has been some caught up near Shark Bay and all the way down to the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of Esperance.

Being a demersal fish, there are tight regulations and bag limits on these fish so before you head out make sure you check the Department of Fisheries website for the latest rules and regulations.

How to Catch DHUIES

As West Australian Dhufish are known as bottom dwelling fish that like to hang under ledges and in caves they are commonly targeted using bottom bouncing rigs (such as a paternoster rig).

A number of fisherman also have great success by bottom jigging. This is usually achieved by identifying a lump that could be holding dhufish then drifting over it whilst working metal or rubber jigs up and down the water channel.

When fishing for them you want to be using a heavy rod, usually with an overhead reel with a mix of braid and mono. The mono is for your leader whilst the braid is used as your main line.

Note as Dhuies are found in depths from 5 – 100m it’s also worth ensuring you have a decent amount of line!

The below video is a good example:

WA Dhufish Vids and Pics

Check out the below photo gallery and videos for more Dhufish action!

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