Helifish: Darwin Helifishing Adventures

Based in Darwin, Helifish provides amazing land based fishing charters via helicopter!

With exclusive permits to land in some of the most remote and untouched places in the Northern Territory, Helifish is a one of a kind fishing charter that is sure to provide a once in a lifetime experience!

A look of the wetlands area whilst helifishing
View from the helicopter over the Northern Territory wetlands

Types of Helifish Adventures

There are a few different charters that Helifish offer depending on your requirements. These include;

  • Half day Helifish fishing adventure
  • Full day Helifish fishing adventure
  • Full Day HeliFish and pub charter

When I went I was fortunate to go on the full day Helfish charter and pub charter which I highly recommend.

In addition to the charters listed above, Helifish also provides multi day fishing adventures with the options to stay in fishing lodge accommodation in multiple locations including Arnhem Land and the Daly River.

Read About My Helifish experience

For a surprise birthday present I was fortunate to be treated to a full day fishing adventure with Helifish. Arriving early to the airport it wasn’t long until the chopper was loaded with fishing gear and we were ready to go!

Three helifish helicopters lined up in the hangers at Darwin
Some of the Helifish helicopters

Today we had the yellow helicopter, noting there were a few helicopters available depending on the size of the group.

Yellow Helifish fishing helicopter waiting for take off

Yellow Helifish chopper waiting for take off!

The area we were fishing was 100kms or so south west of Darwin. On the way there the views and overall experience was simply amazing!

View from the Helifish helicopter

Via wired headphones the pilot provided us with some very knowledgeable commentary and flew over some spectacular scenery including the Wangi waterfall in Litchfield National Park, views of the magnetic termite mounds and over some amazing flood plains where we saw wild crocs, pigs and bird life.

Wangi Water Falls in Litchfield National Park
View of Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park
View of crocodile below the helifish helicopter
Northern Territory crocodile not happy to see us
Wild pigs running in the Northern Territory
Wild pigs on the run!

It wasn’t long until we were arriving at the fishing location where we fished a few different waterways and estuaries.

Within a couple of hours of fishing we had caught a number of different fish including 10+ Barramundi, Queenfish, Tarpon and Trevally. Check out some of the pics below!

Time for a beer!

On the way back the pilot landed at a local pub for a toilet stop and a beer! This just topped off such a great day…there is nothing that beats heading out for an awesome day’s fishing charter and landing at a pub on the way back for a nice cold pint to relax and reflect on the experience.

Pub stop over with Helifish in Darwin
A nice beer to finish off an awesome day!

Final thoughts on my Helifish experience

It’s a definite yes from me!!! If you’re considering a day out with Helifish then I’d highly recommend it… yes it can be expensive though this is a once in a lifetime experience and something I’ll always remember!

If you do book with Helifish and there is the option for a pilot to fly with then definitely ask for Simon, he’s a top bloke and goes above and beyond to provide you with a fantastic experience.

Talking to the Helifish pilot

He also has a wealth of fishing knowledge and shares his tips and techniques to help you catch that fish of a lifetime.

Videos of my trip with Helifish

Below is a playlist of videos from my day out with Helifish – enjoy!

Below are some additional photos from my experience with Helifish…

More Information

If you need more information on Helifish and the fishing options they have be sure to check out their website using the link below:

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