Darwin Fishing Charters

Located within the Northern Territory, Darwin and the surrounding areas provide some of the best fishing within Australia and to be honest, across the world!

There are a number of different types of fishing charters available including:

  • Bluewater fishing charters
  • Barramundi specific charters (Including run off barra fishing)
  • Fly fishing charters
  • Fishing camps
  • Remote live aboard charters

Below is a list of Darwin fishing charters to choose from:

Looking for Helifishing Charters?

If your looking for Helifshing charters in Darwin then head over to our Darwin Helifishing page >

All of these options too expensive?

If all these fishing charter options are too expensive then you may like to check out Barramundi Fishing Adventures where you can catch Barra from a man made lake – not quite the experience you’ll get on a charter though you’ll still have fun time. It’s also great for the kids!

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