Winderabandi Point

Winderabandi Point is one of five campsites located with the Ningaloo Coast area (Previously known as the Ningaloo Station). With 49 campsites located on the edge of the beach, visitors have the opportunity for some amazing oceanside camping right within the Ningaloo Marine Park.

camping on the beach at winderabandi point

How to get there

Winderabandi is located approximately 72kms north of Coral Bay and 76kms south of Exmouth.  Once turning off the main highway it will take you approximately 2hrs along a dirt track to get there.  Note, Winderabandi Point is a 4WD track hence you’ll need a 4WD vehicle to access the area.

The below video provides a great insight to what to expect when driving into Winderabandi Point, including some footage of the track in, the camp area and the beach.

About Winderabandi Camgrounds

There are a total of 49 campsites available to book at Winderabandi. These campsites are managed through Parks and Wildlife hence to book you must visit their website. Note the following:

  • 4WD access only
  • Suitable for tents, swags, offroad campervans, rooftop and awning tents, Caravans and camper trailers
  • No toliets or showers. You must have a portable chemical toliet (More info here)
  • Camp fires are only permitted during certain times of the year (more info here)
  • Dogs are permitted though restrictions apply
  • Generators are permitted
  • There are is no drinking water or power available

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Things to do

Winderbandi is a great spot for those that want to get away from it all, sit back and relax whilst enjoying breath-taking ocean views.  However, there are a few things to do for those that wish to be slightly more active.

1. Winderabandi Point Fishing

Can you fish at Winderabandi? You certainly can!  Being on the Ningaloo Coast, Winderbandi offers some good fishing.

Ideally it’s more suited to those with a boat, however if you’re limited to fishing off the shore you can still do okay with visitors often catching a number of bread and butter species, including Whiting, Garfish, Flathead and Trevally.  There have also been Queenfish and Giant Trevally caught off the shore for those that have some heavier gear.

Note, if you’re fishing off shore ensure you’re fishing outside of the sanctuary zones (Refer to the Ningaloo Marine Park sanctuary zones map for more info).

If you’re fortunate to have a boat in Winderabandi then your fishing options certainly increase.  Launching via the beach you can then head out to fish the outside of the Ningaloo reef where you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

You can choose to bottom bounce the reefs catching species such as coral trout, spangled emperor, ranked cod or throw out some lures to try picking up some pelagic species such as Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo or Tuna.

There are a few passages that you can take out through the reef though always best to check your nautical charts to identify the safest passage to use. For those fisherman that are keen to know more check out this thread on which provides some great info.

2. Kayaking and Paddleboarding

With the reef protecting the coast the waters are somewhat protected providing an ideal spot for taking the kayaks out or cruising around on your paddleboard.

3. Snorkeling and Swimming

Like other campgrounds within the Ningaloo Coast, Winderabandi also offers some nice areas for swimming and snorkelling so be sure to pack your bathers and snorkel and mask.

Maps of Winderbandi

To help I’ve listed some links to a couple of different maps of Winderbandi.

1. Interactive Map

The below map provides an interactive map of Winderabandi.  Use the zoom controls to zoom in and out.

2. Map of Winderbandi Campsite

Below is a link showing the 49 sites available within the Winderbandi campgrounds.  If you would like to book a site there is a link near the start of this page.

Map of Winderbandi Campsite >

Be safe!

Due to the remote location of Winderbandi your safety is your responsibility.  If you plan to swim or snorkel in the Ningaloo Marine Park you need to ensure that you are a confident swimmer and have the relevant experience to swim in such locations.

Shark safety is another factor to consider hence please visit our shark safety page for information on how to be shark safe when swimming in such areas.

For those that like to walk around and explore the reefs be sure to consider wearing appropriate footwear to avoid getting cut by the reef or pricked by unfriendly marine life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dogs Allowed at Winderbandi?

Yes, dogs are allowed however there are restrictions that apply.  Dogs are only allowed in designated areas and they must be kept on a leash.

Can you get to Winderbandi in a 2WD?

No, unfortunately not.  Winderabandi is only suited to those that own a 4WD vehicle.

Are there toilets at Winderbandi?

No, unfortunately there are no toilets at Winderabandi Point.  Visitors must be self sufficient which includes bring a portaloo

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