14 Mile Beach Camp (Warroora Station), Western Australia

The 14 Mile Beach camp at Warroora Station is a well-known beach camp located literally on the edge of the Ningaloo Reef. That’s right, with campsites right on the beach visitors can literally jump into the protected waters of the Ningaloo Reef from their campsite.

Beach camping at Warroora Station
Beach camping during peak times

How To Get To 14 Mile Beach Camp

To get to the 14 Mile Beach camp you must first drive to Warroora station which is approximately 11,00kims north of Perth, WA. Once you’ve reached Warroora station you’ll then see signage directing you to the different campgrounds, one being 14 Mile.

Map of 14 Mile CampGround

Below is a link to a map of the 14 Mile Campground.

About 14 Mile Beach Camp

In total there are 46 campsites at 14 Mile with a number of the campsite located along the beach.

  • Access via 2WD (difficult access) for a couple of the sites at the rear (behind the dunes) whilst most other sites are 4WD only.
  • Visitors to this campsite must have a chemical cassette toilet
  • Camping fees apply
  • Campfires are allowed in self-contained fire pits for certain times (Refer to the DPWA current campfire conditions page for details)
  • Generators allowed
  • Dogs are permitted within designated areas and the campground (Must be on a leash)
  • No drinking water
  • No power
  • No showers
  • No toilets

How to Book at 14 Mile Beach?

14 Mile Beach is managed by Parks and Wildlife. All campsites can be booked online using the below link:

Fishing at 14 Mile Beach Camp

Both beach fishing and boat fishing are permitted off the beach at 14 Mile with a number of different species to catch. These include the likes of flathead, whiting, bream, tailor, trevally, spangled emperor, dart and mackerel.

If you’ve got access to a tinny or a kayak then you can also head out and fish the inside of the Ningaloo Reef, however, make sure you’re aware of the marine parks to the south and further north of 14 Mile where fishing is restricted.

If you are considering fishing off the beach then I’d recommend fishing early morning or as the sun sets.

Can you launch your boat at 14 Mile?

Yes, you can launch your boat at 14 Mile, however, due to the steep incline down towards the water it can be very boggy, hence ensure you have snatch straps, etc, or someone nearby should you need towing out.

Rather than driving your car down, if your boat is light enough I’d recommend pulling it down into the water or alternatively using a trailer with a third wheel fitted.

Third wheel on boat trailer for beach launching
Ideal setup for beach launching

With this type of setup, you can disconnect the trailer from the car and push it down to the water’s edge. Once launched you can then tow the trailer out using a rope from the trailer to your 4WD.

Campfires at 14 Mile Beach

Campfire at 14 mile beach warroora station

Campfires are allowed at certain times of the year within self-contained fire pits. If you need firewood it can be purchased from the onsite caretakers. The cost for a bag is $30 which will usually last one night. (Note, the cost is at the time of writing this article).

Are there waste facilities?

Waste disposal at 14 mile warroora station
Waste facilities near 14 Mile Beach, Warroora Station

Yes. If you need to dispose of your portaloo waste or have other rubbish to get rid of, there is a waste area a few minutes’ drive away from the camp.

Are there caretakers at 14 Mile?

Caretakers at 14 mile warroora station
Caretakers located at 14 Mile Beach, Warroora Station

Yes, there are usually caretakers that are positioned at the entrance of the beach sites. The last time we stayed there the caretakers were very helpful and a delight to deal with. They will usually drop by when you’ve checked in. If they don’t it’s likely they’ll be busy so be sure to swing by and say hi.

Videos of 14 Mile Beach

Check out the below video if you want a great insight into 14 Mile Beach and what it has to offer.

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