Wooramel Riverside Retreat

On our travels up and down the northwest coast of Western Australia, we often plan an overnight stay at Wooramel Riverside Retreat located within Wooramel Station.  With showers, toilets, and food available we find Wooramel a spot to pull up and rest for the night before continuing north or on our way back down to Perth.

Sunset whilst staying at Wooramel riverside station retreat
Amazing sunset from our campsite at Wooramel Riverside Retreat (And yes, no filters on this pic!)

Where is Wooramel Riverside Retreat

Wooramel Riverside Retreat is located within the Wooramel Station, 780kms north of Perth.

What facilities are at Wooramel?

toliets and shows at Wooramel Riverside Retreat
Some of the toilets and showers at Wooramel Riverside Retreat

Wooramel has the necessary facilities for those looking for that ideal stop-over. This includes:

  • Toilets
  • Showers (Hot showers are only available for certain hours in the morning and evening)
  • Food (Depending on the night dinner options vary.  For the morning there is a little cafe set up where you can buy coffee, muffins, toasties, etc)

For a rundown of all the facilities you can check out their website, though to give others an insight I thought I would provide some photos:

toilet block at Wooramel Riverside Retreat
Toliet block at Wooramel Riverside Retreat

Artesian Bore baths

artesian bore baths at Wooramel station WA
Artesian baths are great for relaxing with the family

One of the main attractions at Wooramel is the amazing artesian bore baths.  With a total of four baths, these are perfect for jumping in to relax after a long day of driving.  They are also open 24/7 so this is perfect for those that would like a late bath looking up at the stars.

The baths can get quite busy, especially during school holidays, so if you would prefer to avoid the crowds an early morning or late evening dip would be the way to go.

Artesian Bore baths at Wooramel station western australia

For those early birds, I’d highly recommend getting up before sunrise and jumping in one of the baths.  This is a perfect way to start the morning and it is excellent if you want to avoid the crowds.

The River Walking Trail

Old car at Wooramel Station
Some of the old cars on the riverside walk are fantastic!

For those that are keen to take a look around, I’d also recommend going on the river walking trail.  This is a nice walk that takes you out around different areas of the property and alongside the river.  

On the way, you’ll come across some interesting sites… in particular a somewhat arranged junkyard that contains a heap of old cars and other artifacts.

historical artifacts at Wooramel Station River Retreat

We actually really enjoyed walking around and checking out all the old artifacts and spent a fair bit of time in this area.  We also went back and checked it out at night time which to be honest was a little spooky though the view of the stars was simply stunning!

Is there water in Wooramel River?

The river at Wooramel Station River Retreat
The upside down river;)

One thing I was surprised about was that the river actually had no water in it and I’ve since learned that this is the case most of the time.  I believe sometimes water comes trickling through – when and how often this is, I’m unsure?

Therefore, when you go there don’t expect to see fresh flowing water as it’s highly unlikely you will.  Instead, expect to see what people refer to as the “upside down river” or a big wide sandy river bed.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether it has water in it or not I still found the river bed to be a stunning sight… it also makes a great area for the kids to play so ensure to have a frisby or footy with you on your travels;)

Grab a feed a Wooramel

Grill at Wooramel station
Fantastic grilling area at Wooramel Retreat

If you’re fortunate to be there when they are offering dinners, then I’d definitely recommend doing so.  They have a great outdoor area where you can grab a feed and sit back and enjoy the environment.  Prices for dinners vary depending on what is on offer, though the last time we were there, they had steak and a light salad bar on the menu…the steak was delicious!

Are dogs allowed at Wooramel?

Dogs at Wooramel Station River Retreat

Yes, Wooramel Riverside Retreat is dog friendly.  Dogs are allowed in most areas apart from locations such as the artesian bore baths. Further information can be found on their website.

What’s the road like?

As it’s a dirt track the road in is a little bumpy though still accessible to 2WDs, just take it nice and slow on the way in and all will be fine.

My final thoughts

I’d have no problem recommending Wooramel River Retreat to other travelers looking for a nice place to stop over or even stay a few days and enjoy the nice, relaxed environment.  With their friendly staff, nice amenities, and a relaxed vibe it’s definitely a thumbs up from me!

Photos of Wooramel River Retreat

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