Sail Boat Hire (Catamaran hire) on the Swan River, Perth

I was looking for something to do with my two boys on a Sunday afternoon and thought I’d check out the South Perth surf cat hire.

Close up of Sail Boats for hire on Swan River
Sail boat hire on the Swan River

Wasn’t sure what to expect though after returning to the shore I wish we had done it earlier! With a nice southerly wind blowing it made some great fun cutting across the swan river.

Two children having fun sailing on swan river

The boys had a fantastic time and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone else that is thinking of doing it.

How do you hire the sail boats?

To hire the sail boats visit the small hire shop on the South Perth foreshore.

Hire shop where you rent the swan river sail boats from

What does it cost to hire the sail boats?

It cost us $55p/hr to hire the sail boat which can fit up to four people.

How much time do you need on the sail boats?

The 1hr hire was able time for us. Within the hour we were able to head out to the other side of the swan river (well to where the boat channel was) and then back and forth a few times.

Do you have to wear life jackets?

Yes, the friendly staff at the hire shop will provide you size you up with appropriate life jackets.

Photos and videos

Below is some videos of use out on the sail boats. There is also a collection of photos.

More Information

For more information check out funcats watersports using the link below:

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