Shark Bay Boat Hire

We are a family-run business in Shark Bay. We have been fortunate enough to live and grow up on the water, so we’re excited to share that experience with others by offering boat rentals for people looking for an adventure.

Shark Bay Boat Hire has a variety of vessels, so we have an option for you! Contact us to set up your reservation.

Boats for hire

We offer a variety of boats for your rental.  Please visit our website for more information on each type, including detailed descriptions and pricing.

Shark Bay Boat Hire - Bulawayo Buoy boat
Bulawayo Buoy is licensed to carry 6, and measures 6.5 meters at the waterline and 2.3 meters wideShark Bay boat hire - Malo boat
Malo boat – Fun for six people, measuring 5.5 meters at the waterline and 2.2 meters wide.
Shark Bay boat hire - Bay bee

Bay Bee is a 4.1 meter (13 feet) Polycraft boat with a 30-horsepower (22 kW) Mercury two-stroke engine.

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