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Looking for a cheaper way to explore the Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, Coral Bay and Onslow?  Why not hire a boat from Exmouth Boat Hire.  This popular business is located within Exmouth town and offers a massive range of boats hiring options to suit your needs.  

Whether you’re looking to do some fishing, diving or snorkelling around the Ningaloo Reef or within the Exmouth Gulf they have many vessels to suit.  Or if you’re keen to fish the islands such as the Murion Islands, Mackerel Islands or Robert and Brown Island then they have 7m+ boats that can go 30 NM+.

In Addition to boat hire they also offer car hire, providing customers with a one stop shop hire service… you can simply fly into exmouth and they’ll have a 4WD and boat hooked up ready to go.  To top it off a number of the larger boats also come with sounders and GPS’s including fishing spots programmed in!

Types of Boats for Hire

Exmouth boat hire have a range of boats for hire ranging from 3.8m tinnies all the way up to 7.85m aluminium cabin centre console.

Why Choose Exmouth Boat Hire?

Apart from a number of great customer reviews and testimonials on their website, here are a number of other reasons you should consider Exmouth Boat Hire.

They know they’re stuff!

Exmouth boat hire is a well established business who has been operating for over 13 years.  Additionally to this the owners have lived in the Exmouth and Coral Bay area for over 20 years now.  This has provided them with countless hours of local fishing experience and knowledge of the area to tap into.

Regular servicing and maintenance

A key priority for the team at Exmouth Boat Hire is to ensure they’re boats and motors operate as expected hence they regularly service and maintain their motors, trailers and equipment within the boats.

They have you covered

They have the proper insurance policies in place to ensure you’re covered and remain protected from the unexpected damage expenses that can occur when hiring a boat.

They can deliver!

Even though they’re based in Exmouth, they can also deliver boats to Coral Bay or Onslow.

Hire credits available

If the weather report is bad and the conditions don’t suit taking a boat out then you can ask for a hire credit so you can take the boat out at another time.

Don’t have a tow ball? Don’t worry!

In Addition to boat hire, they also hire cars so you have what you need to launch the boat.

Skippers for Hire

Exmouth boat hire also offers a half or full day skipper or fishing guide hiring service.  This is particularly useful if you haven’t fished the area before and would like to tap into some local knowledge, or perhaps if you don’t have your skippers ticket.  It’s also a great alternative for those that want to avoid going on large group based fishing charters and who enjoy a 1 to 1 fishing charter experience.

What Optional Extras are available?

At an additional cost there are a number of optional extras you request.  These include, though are not limited to:

  • Esky hire.  Great for keeping your catch cold!;
  • Outrigger hire – Perfect for those putting out skirts and chasing some big game fish such as Marlin or Sailfish;
  • Fishing rod and reel hire – If you don’t have a rod and reel suitable for boat fishing then you can always hire one;
  • Boat ramp launch and retrieval service – If you’re not confident at launching the boat or would prefer to meet at the boat ramp then you can pay for their boat launching and retrieval service as an optional extra;
  • Boat cleaning – Not too keen on cleaning the boat after a day out on the water? Not a problem, you can pay for this to be done for you;
  • Chest Freezer – If you’re planning a longer trip then you may like to consider hiring a chest freezer for storing your fillets; and
  • Long distance to delivery – If required you can pay extra for your boat to be delivered and picked up to Coral Bay.

How to contact Exmouth Boat Hire

Exmouth Boat Hire are located at 7 Patterson Way, Exmouth WA 6707
Phone: 0438 230 269
website: https://www.exmouthboathire.com/

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