Shark Bay Boat Ramps

The Shark Bay region is one of a kind. Known for some great fishing and diving Shark Bay is definitely an area that’s worth checking out.

Denham boat ramp at Shark Bay
Denham boat ramp

If you’re keen to head out and explore Shark Bay, then take a look at the below map of boat ramps in Shark Bay which you can use to launch your boat, kayak or jetski.

Denham boat ramp at Shark Bay

Denham Boat Ramp

The Denham boat ramp is an ideal launching location for heading out to fish the Shark Bay area and for those wishing to dive within the Shark Bay Marine Park ...
Nanga Bay Boat Ramp

Nanga Bay Boat Ramp

Although it's not a proper boat ramp, Nanga Bay has a boat ramp for visitors at the resort to use. For more information on the Nanga Bay boat ramp reach ...
View of the monkey Mia boat ramp from a distance

Monkey Mia Boat Ramp

The Monkey Mia boat ramp is located to the right of the Monkey Mia Resort. This protected north facing boat ramp is an excellent ramp if the onshore winds (south ...

Before heading out…

Before heading out to fish or explore the Shark Bay area, have a read of the two below pages which provide more info on marine facilities in the area along with some useful tips.

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