Seabird Beach Launching

If you need to launch your boat at Seabird there is no official boat ramp as such, however you are permitted to launch your boat off the beach.

You can access the boat beach launching area via the car park just down to the left of the Seabird tavern.

Although you can launch off the beach I’d suggest that you pick favourable conditions as you definitely want to be launching with an offshore (easterly) wind and a low swell as it wouldn’t take much for your boat to get knocked about launching in the waves.

Below are a couple of photos of the ramp leading to the beach and the nearby carpark.

Location Map of the ramp onto Seabird Beach

To help, below is an interactive map showing where the Seabird beach access ramp is located.

Beach Launching at Seabird Caravan Park

In addition to the public ramp, there is also a section of the beach in front of the caravan park where residents at the caravan park can launch their boats. This section of the beach is considered somewhat flatter and easier to launch from.

Ledge Point

As an alternative you may want to consider launching your boat off the beach at Ledge Point which is about 20mins north of Seabird.

More Information

If you’re looking for more information on Seabird, check out the below page:

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