Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp

The old Dunsborough Boat ramp is right near the town of Dunsborough. This ramp has one ramp and can be a little tricky to launch and retrieve from when there is an onshore breeze so be sure to check the weather conditions are in your favour before heading down to the ramp.

Dunsborough boat ramp
Photo of the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp on a windy day

Check out the below video of the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp to see what it’s like. Note, if you’re wondering what conditions it was this day… the winds were blowing 25 knots + SE so this ramp is definitely more suited to a W/SW wind direction.

Here’s a few additional photos to of the ramp and the surrounding areas.

Boat Ramp Summary

  • Number of ramps: 1
  • Type of ramps: concrete
  • Trailer parking available: Yes

Location map

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