Monkey Mia Boat Ramp

The Monkey Mia boat ramp is located to the right of the Monkey Mia Resort. This protected north facing boat ramp is an excellent ramp if the onshore winds (south westers or southerly) are blowing.

This ramp is usually okay to launch from using a 2wd though this all depends on how much sand is covering the ramps (as per the photos above).

It also has quite a steep drop off making it suitable for the larger vessels.

This ramp is popular for those wanting to do some fishing within shark bay or to catch themselves a feed of Shark bay blue manna crabs.

Ramp summary

  • Two concrete ramps
  • jetty in between ramps
  • Ample parking
  • Protected from the onshore winds

Where is the Monkey Mia Boat Ramp?

As per the map below the ramp is located right next to the resort. This ramp is 26kms from Denham with Shark Bay.

Looking for other boat ramps in the Shark Bay Area?

This is one of a few boat ramps in the Shark Bay area. To view a map of all boat ramps within Shark Bay please visit our Shark Bay Boat Ramps page.

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