Mindarie Marina Boat Ramp

The Mindarie Marina boat ramp is located within the protected waters of the Marina is a popular ramp for residents of the northern suburbs of Perth, WA. The boat ramp within the marina is made up of four concrete ramps, two for launching and two for retrieval.

The Mindarie Marina Boat Ramp aerial shot
Aerial photo of the Mindarie Marina Boat Ramp

Due to it’s location, this ramp is very popular with boaties in the area. With this in mind, if the weather report is decent and it’s a weekend, expect to experience delays both when launching and retrieving. A wait of 1hr+ to get the boat out of the water is not uncommon during peak times in the summer months.

What is around Mindarie Marina? When you do exit the marina you’ll have to lines of reef, one being the first mile reef and the one further out being the three mile reef. Yes, you guessed it…. this reefs are nicknamed the one and three mile reef because the run along the coast approximatey one and three miles out from the shoreline.

Boat pens within Mindarie Marina

If you come out of the marina and head south you’ll go passed the known surf spot called Claytons” on Mindarie Beach. Not long after than you will see a couple of reefs known as Burns Beach Rock which is in the Burns Beach Marine Park. If you deside to head north you’ll go passed Quinns Beach and not long after you’ll see parts of the Alkimos Wreck.

Alternatively, if you head west you’ll be cutting out through the three mile reef which will drop off to approximately 20m+ off the back of the reef. If you then continue to head west after about 15-20nm you’ll hit the “Direction bank” were depths will start dropping off dramatically to – 50-100m deep.

Where ever you go there as there is a fair bit of hidden reef be careful, especially if it’s the weather isn’t that great. Without warning the the swells can easily pop up and waves can break without you expecting it.

Boat Ramp Summary

  • Number of ramps: 4
  • Type of ramps: concrete
  • Trailer parking available: Yes
  • Do you have to pay for parking? Yes
  • Wash down bay: Yes

Mindarie Marina Boat Ramp Location Map

Need more info? If so check out the Department of Transport Boat Ramps page. Or alternatively if you have questions about the Mindarie Marina contact here’s the link to the Marina’s website.

Charters operating out of Mindarie Marina

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