Ledge Point Beach Launching

Unfortunately, there is no official boat ramp at Ledge Point though there is an area where you can beach launch. The closest formal boat ramps are either Moore River (can only launch into the river) Two Rocks or north up at Jurien Bay.

As you can see from the video below there area a number of fisherman that launch and retrieve directly from the beach.

Beach launch and retrieval at Ledge Point, WA

This can be tricky though and cars can often get flooded easily here hence ensure you know your stuff and definately don’t attempt launcing from here in a 2WD!

From a parking perspective, most leave their vehicles parked up on the beach. Alternatively there is a local tractor driver that can launch your boat for a fee.

Location Map

To access the boat launching area for Ledge Point, head down De Burgh St towards the Ledge Point Beach 4×4 Access area.

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