Entrance Point Boat Ramp (Broome)

As the name suggests, the closest to the point is the Entrance Point Boat Ramp.  This ramp provides boaties the option to either head out to the right and around the point to the likes of Cable Beach and beyond, or to head to the left past Broome’s Port Jetty down toward Dampier Creek.

Some great drone footage of Entrance Point Boat Ramp in Broome, WA

Note, similar to the town beach boat ramp, you can only use this ramp with a 2WD during the high tide. During low tide, the water line can be 100m+ out from the ramp which can then only be accessible by 4WD.

Ramp Summary

  • 2 x concrete ramps
  • Ample parking
  • No jetty (due to high tides)

How to get to Entrance Point Boat Ramp

YOu can get to this ramp by heading toward Roebuck Bay and then heading right up to Broome’s Port Jetty.  Keep driving past the Port Jetty and you’ll come to a boat ramp car park with the ramp down to the left.

Photos of Entrance Point Boat Ramp

Below are a few photos of the Entrance Point ramp to provide insight into what the ramp is like.

Entrance point boat ramp in broome
Entrance Point Boat Ramp
Looking up entrance point boat ramp in broome
Looking up toward the top of both ramps
Signage at entrance point boat ramp broome
Signage to the right of the ramp
two ramps at entrance point boat ramp broome
looking toward the beach from the top of the ramp

Word of Warning

When the tides are in full swing the current around the top end of the point can be pretty full on and can get quite choppy at times so please be mindful of this.  Also, there are a number of low-lying rocks on either side of the beach area so again be mindful of this when leaving the launching area or approaching it.

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