Donnelly River Boat Ramp (Near Pemberton)

The Donnelly River boat ramp is a great ramp located approximately 11kms from the river mouth. To get to the ramp, take a left turn off the Vasse Hwy about 8kms north of Karri Valley Resort.

View of the Donnelly River boat ramp
Donnelly River boat ramp

Note, the road heading down to the boat ramp is an unsealed road which is fine for taking the boat down though being red dirt expect a fair bit of red dust on your car and boat trailer when heading home.

When you get down to the boat ramp you’ll notice the boat trailer car park on your rights and a standard car park to your left.

Boat trailer car park at Donnelly River boat ramp
Donnelly River boat landing car park

There is also a couple of waiting bays and a toilet there if required.

Waiting bay  Donnelly River boat ramp
Boat waiting bays

With the boarding platform and the sand area to the right of the ramp, this is also an ideal location for heading out to explore Donnelly River via Kayak or Canoe.

View towards the boat ramp from the boat platform at Donnelly River
Kayak launching area

Boat Ramp Summary

  • Single concrete ramp
  • Launching area for kayaks and canoes
  • Ample parking
  • Toilets

Location Map

vIDEO AND Photos of Donnelly River Boat Ramp

Below is a short video of the boat ramp, along with a few more photos. Hope this is helpful to you:)

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