Bali Reptile Park (Bali): What You NEED To Know Before Visiting

During my trip to Bali with my two sons we were fortunate to spend some time checking out the Bali Reptile Park.  For those that are thinking about visiting the park, I thought I would take the time to share our experience!

Bali Reptile Park entrance

How to get to the Bali Reptile Park?

The Bali Reptile Park is located on the way to Ubud (opposite Bali Bird Park).  If you are staying in areas such as Kuta (where we were staying) it will take you around 1hr to get there via car.

What is there to see at the Reptile Park?

I was quite amazed by the range of reptiles within the Park.  These included snakes, crocodiles, lizards, turtles, and much more.

The Park is separated by a number of different areas, including outdoor exhibits, indoor nocturnal caves, and aquariums, along with an area they call the “petting” area…yes you can actually walk in and pick up and interact with the more friendly reptiles that live there. My sons loved this area as they got to pick up some turtles and interact with some of the larger lizards.

Check out the below photos for an insight into what you’ll get to see at the Bali Reptile Park:)

Walking through the displays at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: Walking through the displays within the Reptile Park
Entrance to nocturnal display at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: Entering the nocturnal area of the reptile park
One of the snakes in the nocturnal reptile displays
Photo: Checking out some of the snakes within the nocturnal area
Cobra standing up in nocturnal display
Photo: A cobra showing us who’s boss!
Checking out some of the smaller reptiles at the park
Photo: Checking out some of the smaller reptiles on display
lizards relaxing at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: Some of the amazing lizards having a morning feed
A crocodile at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: One of the resident crocodiles resting up
Touch area at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: One of the lizards in the touch area. This area is great for the younger kids!
turtles at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: An adult and child turtle resting up

How long does it take to go around the Reptile Park?  

To go around the park, you want to allow at least 1hr.  The cool thing about the Reptile Park is that they allocate a guide to you who will walk around with you to talk about all the reptiles and to show you what’s what.  

Host next to reptile display
Photo: Our guide explaining to us about the different lizards and reptiles in Indonesia – was very interesting!

I found this to be very useful as the guides know where to walk and are very informative, sharing a wealth of knowledge on each of the reptiles.  Our guide even went and got us all umbrellas when it was raining which we found very thoughtful.

Umbrellas for rainy days at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: Walking through the Bali Reptile Park with umbrellas provided by our guide

If you do not wish a guide to join you then this is fine also and you can just mention this at the start.

Can you take photos at the Reptile Park?

Yes, you certainly can and the good thing is that unlike the zoo or Bird Park you’re not pushed to have one of their paid photographers take the photos.  You can simply take photos using your own camera or ask the staff to take a photo of you and your family or friends.

 My son with a lizard at Bali Reptile Park
Photo: My younger son with a large lizard

The best spots for photos are at the entrance where you get the chance to hold different reptiles.  On the day we were there they had a large phyton and lizard.

My son with a large python
Photo: My son with a large python – such an awesome experience for kids!

Other good photo opportunities are within the Reptile touch area and towards the end of the trail where they have a big statue of a lizard and a Reptile Park sign.

Bali Reptile Park entrance
Photo: A great spot for those family photos

What to do after visiting the Reptile Park?

Fortunately, Bali’s Reptile Park is right next to the Bird Park, therefore, if you haven’t already been there I’d definitely recommend checking out Bali’s Bird Park👌  Or, alternatively as you’re in the Ubud area then it’s worth checking out other attractions such as the Bali Zoo or the Monkey Forrest.

If food is what’s on your mind, then a nice restaurant not too far away is Tebar Sari would be my pick, we had a lovely meal, with great customer service in nice surroundings.

Final thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed walking around the Reptile Park not only observing all the reptiles though it was great taking some time out to listen to the hosts and learn more about the world of reptiles, especially though they reside in Indonesia.  If this is something you’re considering then go for it!

Here are a few more happy snaps to give you more of an insight into what you can expect to see within the reptile park.

A type of rattle snake in the nocturnal display
An interesting species of rattlesnake
Large snake resting in the nocturnal display at reptile park
One of the large snakes resting up
Amazing landscaping and tropical gardens
Apart from the reptile displays, the tranquility of the park and the natural surroundings are very well presented
One of the hosts at Bali Reptile Park
The park guide explaining more about some of the lizards in the petting area
Aquarium at Bali Reptile Park
lizard enclosure bali reptile park
Inside the nocturnal area of Bali Reptile Park
Patting a lizard at the Bali Reptile Park
Area for refreshments
If you need a rest or a light refreshment on the way around there is small shaded area toward the back of the park

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