Bali Bird Park: What You NEED To Know Before Visiting

During my trip to Bali with my sons we were fortunate enough to spend some time at the Bali Bird Park.  We had a great time there, so for those that are thinking about visiting the bird park, I thought I would take the time to share our experience!  Hope you find this article helpful:)

Green macaw at Bali Bird Park
Welcome sign at the Bali Bird Park

How to get to Bali Bird Park?

Bali Bird Park is located near Ubud which is approximately one hour away from Kuta. The park is well known and most drivers in Bali will know exactly where to take you.

What can you expect to see at Bali Bird Park?

Borno area of the Bali Bird Park

Covering an area of 2,000 square metres, the Bali Bird Park is broken into seven different regions, these regions are:

  • South America
  • South Africa 
  • Sumatra 
  • Borneo 
  • Papua 
  • Java 
  • Bali 

Combined, these different areas hold over 1,000 different birds with over 250+ bird species within the park  As you walk around the park you’ll walk in and out of these different regions viewing and interacting with all the different birds.

Group of flamingos at Bali Bird Park

Apart from the vast array of birds to see, the park is also beautifully landscaped with a variety of different palms, trees, and bamboo to view.  In addition to this, there are a few lakes around hosting some of the water bird species.

Walking through Bali Bird Park
Photo: Inside one of the large bird aviaries at the park

When it comes to activities within the park, there are a number of events that run throughout the week including bird feeding, pelican feeding, a bird of prey show, 4D cinema, and even a Komodo experience!

Bird Feeding

Parrots enjoying a feed at Bali Bird Park
Photo: My son feeding some of the parrots!

Located with a beautiful aviary, the hosts give you a range of seeds and chopped-up fruits to feed the birds.

Where this takes place in the aviary will vary though for us, as there were only a few of us, we were taken up to the bridge area with the aviary.

Crossing a bridge at Bali Bird Park
Photo: My sons walking through the bird aviary

Within minutes, after the host called over the birds, we had heaps of different species of birds keen for a feed.  My sons thoroughly enjoyed this and it was definitely a memorable experience!

Tip: If you can get there early I’d definitely recommend going to the first feeding session as the crowds are less, providing you with a better experience and more time feeding the different birds.

Pelican feeding

Pelicans looking for a feed at Bali Bird Park
Photo: The pelicans waiting for a feed

After the bird feeding in the aviary, we headed over to the Pelicans, where the host spoke about the Pelicans while allowing us to feed fish to the Pelicans.

Feeding the pelicans at Bali Bird Park
Photo: some of the smaller Pelicans

Similar to the aviary experience I found this to be educational and such a great experience to see these magnificent birds close up.

Photo with the Parrots

two boys with parrots at Bali Bird Park

Another great experience was getting up and close with some of the amazing parrots at the park.  On the day we were visiting, we got to see some beautiful birds up close and personal, including a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, a Blue And Yellow Macaw, a Scarlet Macaw, and a couple of Parakeets.

Blue And Yellow Macaw at Bali Bird Park

If staff are within the area they will offer you the chance to have a photo with the Parrots on your shoulders or arms.  This is a great chance to capture those holiday memories.

How much time should you allow when visiting Bird Park?

Based on my experience, I would allow at least 3-4hrs which will give you plenty of time to explore the Bird Park while also allowing you time to grab some refreshments, get some photos with the birds and perhaps check out the souvenir shop.

My tips for Bali Bird Park

To help ensure you have an enjoyable experience I thought I would like a few tips for consideration:

Get there early!

My main tip for Bali Bird Park would be to get there early.  When we arrived we were the first people in the park and it was so nice walking around feeling like we had the whole park to ourselves.  Getting there early also ensures you can be part of the first bird-feeding experience which starts at 9.30am.

Pack some insect repellent

Bushmans spray insect repellent
Bushman’s is one of my favourite sprays – works a treat!

We found that there were quite a few mosquitoes around, which I suspect was due to some of the lakes and the rainforest-type landscapes.  Hence if you’re prone to being bitten by mosquitoes and the like, be sure to pack some insect repellant.

Wash your hands

Area to wash your hands at Bali Bird Park
Photo: An example of the hygiene stations around the park

The great thing about the park is that there are a number of hygiene stations where you can wash your hands.  I found this particularly useful after bird feeding and pelican feeding as your hands can get a little dirty or smelly…especially after throwing fish at the pelicans!

Ask the photographers to use your camera

When getting photos with the parrots, the photographers will naturally use their cameras to take photos however you do have to pay for these on the way out which is quite expensive.  Therefore, it’s okay to also ask the photographers to take a photo with your own camera or phone so you still get to capture some great memories without the price tag;)

How to buy tickets

If you would like to buy tickets for Bali Bird Park these can be bought online – see the link below.

Buy tickets here

What to do after the bird park?

If you have the time I’d recommend checking out the Bali Reptile Bark which is literally right next door to the Bird Park.

Final Thoughts

Overall my sons and I had a great time at the Bird Park and would thoroughly recommend anyone that has an interest in birds or would like to get up close and personal with some magnificent parrots, then to ensure you head to Bali Bird Park… it won’t disappoint!

Bali Bird Park Photos

If you’re keen to see some more of the Bali Bird Park then please check out the photos below:

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