Shark Bay, Western Australia

Fishing at Shark Bay
Fishing at Shark Bay (Francois Peron National Park)

Shark Bay encompasses the coastal town of Denham, Monkey Mia, and the famous Hamelin Pool, as well as the stunning Francois Peron national park and Dirk Hartog Island.

Apart from known tourist attractions such as the dolphins at Monkey Mia, the Shark Bay region has plenty to offer.  This includes awesome fishing (known for massive pink snapper in the bays), spectacular diving and snorkelling spots and great 4wding adventures through Peron National Park are just a few experiences on offer.

Additional to this you have the famous steep Point and Dirthog Island a few hours away from Denham.

Location Map

Shark Bay is a popular WA tourist destination located 822 kilometres from Perth, or approximately 9-10hrs drive.

For more info check out the local tourism information centre.

Boating in Shark Bay

Within the region you have the town of Denham and the Monkey Mia Resort/Caravan Park. Both Denham and Monkey Mia have boat ramps to launch from.

Denham Boat Ramp

Below is a map showing where the Denham boat ramp is located. For more information on the marine facilities it’s worth checking out the Marine Facilities page on the council’s website. This has some helpful info including the call signs to use with your marine radio.

Monkey Mia Boat Ramp

Below is a map showing where the Monkey Mia boat ramp is located.

Boating and Tackle Supplies

If you need fuel, bait and tackle supplies you can get this from the servo at Denham. There are also supplies at Monkey Mia though prices are slightly more expensive due to its location.

Boat Hire

Bulawayo Buoy boat from Shark Bay Boat Hire

If you don’t have a boat and would like to hire one check out the boat hire companies in Shark Bay.

More information

For more information on Shark Bay check out the links below, or alternatively you can visit the Shark Bay Visitors Centre.

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