Seabird, Western Australia

Seabird is a quaint coastal fishing town located 100km north of Perth, Westen Australia

Viewing platform at Seabird beach
Viewing platform at Seabird, Western Australia

How to get to Seabird

To get to Seabird head north on Mitchell freeway until you reach the end, then follow Indian Ocean Rd all the way up past Moore River (Guilderton) until you reach Seabird.

What is there to do Seabird?

To be honest there isn’t a lot to do at Seabird though that’s half the attraction.  

This quiet coastal town is the perfect escape for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Perth, kick back and relax at the beach or the Seabird Tavern whilst taking in some of the best ocean views along WA’s coast.

Seabird Tavern

Seabird Tavern is a fantastic spot for those looking for a pub meal or a drink with a view.  Perched up high above the beach, there is a big selection of tables to choose from with amazing views down over the coastline.

Sitting at Seabird Tavern for such a pleasant experience and would highly recommend it to any fellow Perth dwellers looking for lunch with a view. Check out the photos below for an insight into what Seabird tavern looks like.

Fishing at Seabird

Seabird beach is a great spot for some land-based fishing with a number of different species targeted off the beach.  Such species include whiting, tailor, herring, flathead, and bream.  

Beach fishing at Seabird WA
Beach fishing at seabird

If you’re keen to try for some bigger stuff then those that put in the time are often rewarded with the likes of pink snapper and mulloway.

4WDing at Seabird

The great thing about Seabird is there is direct access to the beach for those that have a 4WD.  If you head down to the car park in front of the Seabird Tavern there is a ramp that leads onto the beach.

Can you 4WD from Seabird to Guilderton?

Yes, there is a 4WD track that runs from Seabird down along the coast to Guilderton (Moore River). The below video provides a rundown of how to access and navigate the 4WD track.

Can you take dogs on the beach at Seabird?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the beach at seabird.

Dogs allowed to play on the beach at seabird wa
A couple of dogs enjoying themselves at Seabird Beach

Can you launch your boat off the beach at Seabird?

Yes, boats can be launched off the beach at Seabird.  For more information on how to access the beach launching area check out our Seabird beach launching page.

Where can you stay at Seabird?

There are a number of accommodation options within Seabird including two caravan parks and a number of private holiday homes.

When it comes to caravan parks you have the Seabird Caravan Park and also the Seabird Tavern & Caravan Park.

Are there any shops at Seabird?

Yes, there is a small general grocery store that sells food, refreshments, ice creams and alcohol.  There is also a great little viewing platform above the shops.

Final thoughts

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when heading up to Seabird though I was pleasantly surprised.  With very little traffic up that way, it was relatively quick to get there and had such a nice relaxing vibe.  

Definitely recommended it to others considering heading up there, the only thing I’d add is that you want to be going there when the weather is in your favour (offshore winds) as you’re definitely exposed to the elements without much shelter.

Videos of Seabird

Check out the below videos of Seabird to gain an insight into what Seabird is actually like…

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