Scarborough, Western Australia

Scarborough is a vibrant coastal town just north of Perth CBD.  Situated on some of the best beaches that Western Australia has on offer, Scarborough is definitely a place that is worth visiting.

Scarborough Beach in Western Australia
Scarborough beach on a sunny winter’s morning

How to get to Scarborough

Scarborough is located 17km north of Perth and can be accessed by heading north on the freeway then turning off at Cedric St and following Scarborough Beach Rd down to the coast. 

However, from my experience, it can be a bit of a nightmare trying to get parking down there during peak periods, so if you can I’d recommend jumping on a train to Stirling station and then a bus from there down to Scarborough.

Things to do at Scarborough

Due to its location, there are a number of great activities to do at Scarborough.  These include:

  • Swimming at Scarborough Beach Pool;
  • Going for a skate or a scoot in the skate park (what locals know as the snake pit!)
  • Sitting back within the Scarborough amphi-theatre and taking in the amazing views of the beach and surf
  • Having a picnic or some local fish and chips up on Sunset Hill
  • Taking the kids for a play at the Whale Playground
  • Enjoying a nice meal or a drink at many of the fantastic restaurants and bars

For those that have kids, check out our Things to Do in Scarborough with kids page where I go more in-depth on some great activities to do with little ones.

Scarborough Beach Web Cam

If you’re keen to take a look at the conditions at Scarborough, then check out the webcam link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions that I thought would help:

1. Can you swim at Scarborough Beach?

Yes, you sure can, however as the waves and swell can get quite large there I’d recommend only swimming between the yellow and red flags that are patrolled by lifesavers on the beach.

2. Are the beaches safe for kids?

Scarborough beach is known for its surf, hence it’s not the most ideal beach for taking kids to, however saying that if you pick a day with low swell and offshore winds you do get your calm days down there.

3. Are dogs allowed on Scarborough beach?

Unfortunately, as the beach usually gets very busy dogs are not allowed on the beach, however, there are some surrounding beaches where dogs are allowed.  These include:

  • Peasholm Street Dog Beach
  • Trigg Beach (Only between Kathleen and Bennion street)
  • North Beach (Only between Castle and Margaret street)

4. Any recommendations on where to eat at Scarborough?

If you’re looking for something casual such as fish and chips or a kebab then I’d recommend Peters by the Sea (Just behind Sunset Hill.  Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little fancier then I’ve always enjoyed La Capannina (above Scarborough Beach Pool) where you get to enjoy a nice meal whilst watching the sunset.

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