Rottnest Island Photo Gallery

With so much on offer, Rottnest Island provides some great photo opportunities. Apart from all the awesome natural attractions around the Island the most prized photo to be taken is the the Quokka selfie! The quokka is the only mammal which is native to Rottnest Island. With it’s cute cheeky smile and it’s friendly nature Quokkas can be found all over the island so if you’re heading over for a visit make sure you have your selfie stick with you.

The below photos show some of the highlights of Rottnest Island and the activities you can do. They also capture some of the beautiful natural attractions of the island including:

  • Beautiful protected bays all around the island. Bays featured in these photos include Geordie Bay, Little Armstrong Bay and the Basin;
  • The Wadejemup light house located towards the centre of the Island. There is also another lighthouse called the Bathurst Lighthouse with is located on the north east point of the Island;
  • Little Armstrong bay – such a great protected spot to take the family out for a snorkel.

Got some photos of Rottnest?

We’re keen to showcase the best of Western Australia. If you have some photos of Rottnest that you would like to share please contact us to start sharing your photos or videos.

If you’re looking for more information on Rottnest Island refer to the Rottnest Island main page or pop over to the Rottnest Island authority website.

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