Ultimate guide to Fishing at Rottnest Island, WA

Rottnest Island is a fantastic fishing destination off the coast of Perth. With the range of reefs and seagrasses surrounding the area there is a number of different species attracted to the area making it a popular choice for WA fisherman.

Aerial view of Rottnest Island Western Australia
Aerial view of some of the bays at Rottnest

What fish can you catch at Rottnest Island?

There are a number of different species that you can catch when fishing at Rottnest, these include Tailor, Herring, Skippy, Flathead, King george whiting and Bream. You can also catch Squid at Rottnest Island along with Crayfish (Rock lobster) for those that feel like going for a dive.

Can you catch Salmon at Rottnest?

Yes, towards the end of the annual migration (around May) Salmon will start to appear in schools in and around Rottnest Island. If you plan to fish for Salmon at Rottnest then your best bet will be to fish the west end of the island at spots such as Fish Hook Bay.

Check out our Salmon fishing tips and tricks for more useful info on how to catch Salmon off the coast of WA.

Fishing spots at Rottnest Island

There are a number of marine sanctuary zones around Rottnest Island where you’re unable to fish, however as long as you stay out of these zones there are a number of great spots to cast a line.

Rottnest Fishing spots include:

Wilson Bay

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Strickland Bay

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Fish Hook Bay

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Salmon Bay

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Thomson Bay

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Geordie Bay

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Boat fishing around Rottnest Island

If you are fortunate to have access to a boat then there are number of great spots to boat fish around Rotto, though if you’re looking to get into some big-scale fishing and don’t mind heading out further then check out the spots below:

1. The Rottnest Trench (Perth Canyon)

The Perth Canyon, or what us locals know as the Rottnest trench is located 20 km away (west of the island) and is definitely worth checking out. This massive underwater trench can be compared to the Grand Canyon, not only it’s size, though it’s depth too with areas up to reaching depths of 4000 metres.

If you’re fishing out here it’s best to do plenty of research and look consider using an electric reel! Big deep water species you can catch here include Hapuku, Blue-eyed Trevalla and bass Grouper. It’s also known to produce some great Flathead!

Two nice Bass Grouper caught at the Rotto trench

2. Rottnest Fads

There are a number of FADs (Fish attracting device) that are deployed during the summer months approximately 25-30kms west of Rottnest (Near the edge of the Rottnest trench). These FADs often attract numerous pelagic species such as Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi), Tuna, Mackerel and Billfish.

Mahi Mahi caught off the FADs

More Info

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