Point Samson, Western Australia

Point Samson is situated on the Pilbara coast on the east of the Dampier Archipelago.

Sunset over Point Samson in Western Australia
The sunsets at Point Samson are simply stunning!

How to get to Point Samson

Point Samson is located 1,570kms north of Perth on the Pilbara coast or approximately 60kms east of Karratha.

Things to do at Point Samson

Although it’s known for its relaxed coastal vibe, there are still a number of things to do whilst visiting Point Samson.  These include:

Check out the Staircase to the Moon

Similar to other locations on the Kimberley Coastline, Point Samson Peninsula offers some great spots to witness the natural phenomenon called the staircase to the moon.  With the right tide conditions, as a full moon rises, you can see the moon reflecting off the tidal flats which creates an impression of a staircase rising to the moon.

In addition to Point Samson Peninsula, there is also a lookout at Settlers Beach in Cossack which provides another great spot to view this amazing phenomenon.

Go fishing at Point Samson

Due to its remote location on the Pilbara coast, Point Samson offers some great fishing both land-based and offshore.

Step back in time

There are a number of historic buildings within and around Point Samson.  One location that boasts such heritage buildings is Cossack located south of Point Samson.  These can be viewed by exploring the Cossack Heritage Trail.

Whale Watching

Between July and October, whales can be spotted off the coast of Point Samson.  A popular spot to look out for whales is the lookout near the old T Jetty that was destroyed during a cyclone in 1925.

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