Ultimate Guide To Fishing in Pemberton, Western Australia

Pemberton in Western Australia has some of the best freshwater fishing that the state has to offer. With an abundance of rivers and waterways, Pemberton is ideal for those fishermen that are keen to catch some of WA’s finest freshwater species.

Lake Beedelup near Pemberton
Beedelup Lake – a popular fishing destination near Pemberton

Fishing spots in Pemberton?

There are a number of great freshwater fishing spots in Pemberton. These include:

Big Brook Dam

Big Brook Dam is a magnificent fresh water dam located approximately 4kms north of Pemberton.

Crystal clear water at big brook dam
Amazing fresh water for fishing at Big Brook Dam

This dam is stocked with trout on an annual basis and is great for targeting some Brown or Rainbow trout. It’s also a good spot for catching marron during the season.

Check out our Big Brook Dam page for more information about fishing at this dam.

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Lefroy Brook

Running through the centre of Pemberton, Lefroy Brook is a well known fishing location within the area. With a number of different locations you can fish and wade in from this is an ideal spot for casting a fly at a beautiful rainbow or brown trout.

The ‘Cascades’ on the Lefroy Brook is a popular fly fishing spot. There are some rapids that flow over rocky shelves presenting some nice opportunities for casting a fly.

During the season, Lefroy Brook is also a great spot for catching marron.

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Beedelup Lake

Although on the outskirts of Pemberton, Beedelup Lake is another spot to consider. This picturesque lake is stocked with small trout every year and is an ideal place for fishing with the family. Trout and redfin perch can be caught here all year round.

Where forest meets Lake Beedelup

Hot tip – when I fished there I tried several different fishing methods though found that corn kernels under a float did well.

Check out our Beedelup Lake page for more info about fishing this lake.

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Donnelly River

Although about a 30min drive from Pemberton, if you have a boat or a kayak then I’d recommend checking out Donnelly River.

Fishing the Donnelly River by boat

This river is great for catching a range of fish species and holds some decent black bream.

Check out our Donnelly River page for more info on fishing this majestic river system.

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Warren River

Again, a little further out from Pemberton though Warren River should definitely be on the list of freshwater fishing destinations to check out.

Warren River stretches for kilometres and there are a number of spots along the river you can access to fish.

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Boat fishing spots in Pemberton?

As most waterways around Pemberton don’t allow motorised boats your options are quite limited, however one place that I found where I could launch my tinnie and go for a fish was the Donnelly River.

Check out our Donnelly River page for more info on Donnelly River or if you want to know where to launch your boat visit the Donnelly River boat ramp page.

Kayak fishing spots in Pemberton

There are a number of different dams and waterways in and around Pemberton that suit kayaks, canoes and electric motorised vessels. These include:

What fish can you catch in Pemberton?

Being inland from the coast, fish species you can catch in Pemberton are all freshwater. These include:

  • Brown trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Black bream
  • Freshwater cobbler
  • Redfin Perch

Best spots to catch Trout in Pemberton?

If you plan to fish for the elusive trout in Pemberton then areas that I’ve had the most success include:

Where can you catch Marron in Pemberton?

If you’re looking to catch a feed of marron during the season then the following spots are worth trying:

Alternatively, if it’s not marron season they you could always throw a net at the Old Vasse Trout and Marron farm to guarantee yourself a feed.

Check out our marron fishing guide for tips and tricks on how to catch marron.

Trout Hatchery

Not many people know that Pemberton is home to WA’s largest freshwater hatchery called the Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre (PFRC).

Established in the 1930s, PFRC has a number of research initiatives underway with its primary focus being to produce and restock WA’s dams and waterways with a selection of fish species.

In addition to its fish species programs, PRFC also runs a number of marron related research programs to help and further understand marron stocks within WA waters.

Old Vasse Trout and Marron Farm

If you have no luck fishing the waterways around Pemberton then you can always visit the Old Vasse Trout and Marron Farm where you are pretty much guaranteed a catch!

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