Ultimate Guide to fishing at Peaceful Bay, WA: Spots, What You Can Catch, Photos & More

When it comes to fishing spots in the southwest of Western Australia, Peaceful Bay, and the surrounding areas should definitely be on the list of worthwhile spots to check out.  With such a rugged coastline, there are a variety of different fishing experiences on offer from family-friendly beach fishing to full-on land-based game fishing.

What fish can you catch at Peaceful Bay?

Depending on whether your land based fishing or fishing offshore, there are a number of different species that can be caught at Peaceful Bay.  Below is a list of the common onshore and offshore species being caught in and around Peaceful Bay.

Land-based species

Offshore fishing species

  • Kingfish
  • Pink snapper
  • Queen snapper
  • Baldchin groper
  • Samson fish
  • Queen grouper
  • Shark
  • Dhufish
  • Swallowtail
  • Mulloway
  • Nannygai
  • Bonito

Peaceful Bay Fishing Spots

When it comes to fishing at Peaceful Bay your options can be broken down to beach fishing, rock fishing, estuary fishing or offshore boat fishing.

Beach fishing

When it comes to beach fishing, Peaceful Bay has some awesome options.  With 4WDs allowed on most beaches in the area, you have the option to explore the coastline in search of that perfect sheltered spot.  

Alternatively, for those that don’t have a 4WD, there are still a number of decent spots you can get to via 2WD including the main bay in front of the caravan park.

Rock fishing

Farshad landbased fishing
An awesome kingfish caught by Farshad

Peaceful Bay and the surrounding areas provide some fantastic rock fishing opportunities.  Starting at Peaceful Bay, around Point Irwin, and up to Conspicuous Cliff and beyond are some great rocky platforms that allow you to target some of the south coast’s best deep water and pelagic species.

Such species include massive samson fish, pink snapper, groper, dhufish and bonito, and tuna.  One elusive species that is often targeted from these rocks is kingfish which are not only great eating but provide a great fight too!

However, even though rock fishing in this area is some of the best WA has to offer, some of these spots are exposed to large swells and challenging conditions.  Hence, please always be safe, and when fishing from the rocks ensure you follow rock fishing safety practices.

Estuary fishing

Apart from access to some great beach and rock fishing spots, Peaceful Bay is also located near Irwin Inlet which provides visitors access to some fantastic estuarine fishing.

Irwin Inlet

Covering over 1000+ hectares, the Irwin Inlet is perfect for those that are keen to target some light tackle species such as flathead, whiting, bream, cobbler, and flounder. 

Whilst fishing amongst the flats of the inlet, you can also catch yourself a feed of blue manna crabs and if the conditions are right, prawns can also be caught.

Irwin Inlet is also perfect for dinghy and kayak fishing so if you have one, be sure to pack the yak or chuck the tinny on the roof if you’re heading down to Peaceful Bay.

Offshore boat fishing

With beach launching facilities providing fishermen a protected area to launch, Peaceful Bay is the ideal place for boaties to head out and fish the deep thriving waters off the south coast of WA.  Out from the Peaceful bay are a number of different structures and areas that are ideal for demersal and pelagic fishing, however, the fun really starts for those who head out to the continental shelf.

Although suited to fishermen with the bigger vessels with heavy rods and tackle, the waters out around the shelve are home to some massive deep water species including nannygai, hapuka, bar cod, blue eye trevalla, dhufish, queen, and pink snapper.

Where can I launch my boat at Peaceful Bay?

You’ll be pleased to note that there is a protected beach launching area along with a small jetty to help with launching and retrieving your boat.

If you’re looking for a spot to catch squid, then your best bet would be to work the weed beds in and around the bay.  The boat launching jetty is also worth a go during the evening.

What is the best time to fish in Peaceful Bay?

As tides are not such a factor along the south coast of WA, your best bet would be to fish earlier in the morning when the fish are generally more active and the winds are usually lighter (blowing offshore).  However, if you’re chasing species such as tailor, squid, and mulloway then evening hours can be more productive.

Kayak fishing in Peaceful Bay

If you’re into kayak fishing then I’d definitely recommend taking the yak down to Peaceful Bay.  With a kayak, you’ll have an option of heading and fishing the structure in and around the bay or alternatively, you can take a trip up to Irwin Inlet and try your luck with a number of different estuarine species on offer.

Bait and Tackle Supplies in Peaceful Bay

If you need to stock up on tackle or need some bait, then the general store within the Peaceful Bay caravan park would be your best bet.

Peaceful Bay Fishing Charters

Unfortunately, due to the size of the town, there are no fishing charters operating out of the Peaceful Bay.  The closest charter would be madfish charters in Denmark.

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