Ultimate Guide to fishing at Monkey Mia, WA: Spots, What You Can Catch, Photos & More

Monkey Mia is a fantastic fishing destination located in the Shark Bay area, just northeast of Denham.  Whether you plan to do some offshore fishing, fishing off the yak, or just kicking back on the beach with a line in the water then Monkey Mia is the place for you.

Catermaran moored at jetty in Monkey Mia
The main jetty at Monkey Mia, Western Australia

What fish can you catch at Monkey Mia?

Depending on the type of fishing you’re doing, there is a range of fish species to be caught, these include:

Landbased species

Offshore fishing species

Monkey Mia Land-based Fishing Spots

Although Monkey Mia is still a relatively small place, as it’s right on the foreshore you have a few different fishing spots to choose from.

If you’re land-based fishing then you can basically fish anywhere along the beach except where they feed the dolphins (this area is marked to the left of the jetty).

If you’re looking for your smaller light gear species such as whiting, flathead, or tailor then fishing anywhere along the shallows works well.  When I was up there last I fished an area around 2kms to the left of the resort.  I managed to catch some decent flathead which was great fun on the light gear!

For those that are keen on some bigger species try fishing to the right of the boat ramp and if possible, cast out as far as you can into the deeper waters.   If you’re willing to put in the hours, fishing off the spit to the right at night can produce some decent fish, especially if you manage to catch a few small whiting that you can put out as live bait;)

Where can you catch squid at Monkey Mia?

If you’re looking to catch a feed or squid at Monkey Mia then you won’t have a lot of luck offshore, though if you have access to a boat or kayak you’ll be able to pick up a few squid by drifting over the weed beds working some jigs.

Where can you catch crabs at Monkey Mia?

Redemption Tackle crew catching blue manna crabs at Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a fantastic spot for catching a feed of blue manna crabs however you’ll need a tinny or kayak to do so.  There are a number of areas to try, though I’ve done the best fishing for crabs fishing the sand patches between the pearl farm and the resort anywhere from 3 – 5m in depth.

For bait, my go-to option is mullet heads, or for a cheaper option, you can always swing by the fish cleaning station to see if anyone is willing to give you some fish heads or fish frames.

What is the best time to fish in Monkey Mia?

Like most locations, I find that just before sunrise and during sunset are the best times to fish at Monkey Mia.  Out of the two I had a better catch rate in the evening, especially spinning for tailor as the sun was heading down.  Also, for those that are looking to catch the bigger species fishing the deeper waters near the channel can be pretty productive.

Boat fishing at Monkey Mia

The crew from Fishin Wishin Life catching some decent fish off Monkey Mia, WA

If you’re heading up to Monkey Mia and have a boat or a kayak then I definitely recommend taking it as there is some great boat fishing to be had.

Monkey Mia boat fishing spots

You will find the bay is relatively shallow, however, there are some spots that are worth a go once you head out a little deeper.  One area to try is by heading north from the boat ramp,  over the flats, when you reach 7m+ it’s worth drifting the drop-off.

Depending on the size of your boat you can also head out east of the monkey mia boat ramp to a location known to locals as the 2nd channel.  This drops off to about 10m+ and can produce a number of decent fish.

Where can I launch my boat at Monkey Mia?

Monkey Mia has a dedicated boat ramp located just to the right of the main jetty.  For more information check out our Monkey Mia boat ramp page.

Where can I get fuel for my boat?

If you need fuel for your boat there is a petrol pump located within the resort.  It does get a little pricey so I always try to pick up my fuel from Denham on the way through.

Bait and Tackle Supplies in Monkey Mia

If you need to stock up on tackle or need some bait, there is a convenience store within the Monkey Mia resort that has a limited supply of tackle and bait.  It’s a bit of a drive, though alternatively, you can head into the closest town Denham, which has a few more options to choose from.

Monkey Mia Fishing Charters

Steve from Fishing Western Australia heading out on Mac Attack Fishing Charters in 2020

When it comes to fishing charters at Monkey Mia, there is one main charter boat that operates out of Monkey Mia which is Mac Attack Fishing Charters.  

I haven’t fished with them recently though when I was a young bloke I headed out on a charter with my old man chasing pink snapper.  We had a fantastic day out on the water and caught a nice feed of fish between us, so based on that I would definitely recommend checking them out (link below).

Fishing destinations nearby

If you’re looking for information on other fishing destinations nearby, then check out our Shark bay fishing guide which has heaps of info on fishing spots in the Shark bay region.

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