Ultimate Guide To Fishing at Margaret River, Western Australia

If you’re heading to Margaret River and you’re keen to go fishing then check out the below article which provides an in-depth guide to fishing in and around Margaret River, Western Australia.

fishing off the rocks at Margaret River Western Australia
Fishing off the rocks near Margaret River, WA

What fish can you catch at Margaret River?

Fish species that are often caught at Margaret River include:

Land-based species

  • Tailor
  • Whiting
  • Flathead
  • Garfish
  • Herring
  • Bream
  • Skippy

Offshore species

  • Dhufish
  • Pink snapper
  • Baldchin grouper
  • Blackass cod

Margaret River land-based fishing spots

There are a number of great land-based fishing spots along the Margaret River coastline.  These include:

  • Margaret River mouth
  • Margaret River
  • Smiths beach at Yallingup
  • Indijup Beach and Point
  • Hamelin Bay

Margaret River Mouth

The mouth of Margaret River provides a couple of options for fishing.  Depending on the current state of the river and how much it’s flowing into the ocean, you can either choose to fish the ocean side of the mouth or walk up the river to fish the river itself.

Bream fishing around 200m from the river mouth

Fishing the ocean side is likely to produce species such as whiting, herring, tailor, skippy and flathead.  Fishing the river side of the mouth will produce the likes of bream and whiting.

Margaret River

Can you fish in Margaret river itself? Are there fish in Margeret River? These are questions I often get asked.  The answer is yes and yes:)  Although it can be pretty tricky to find spots along the river bank to fish, you are allowed to fish in the river.

When it comes to what you can catch, as it’s freshwater the most popular species caught in the river is black bream.

Smiths beach at Yallingup

Smith beach is another great beach fishing spot within the Margaret River region.  Apart from your bread and butter species such as herring, whiting, skippy, and bream, Smiths beach is also great for tailor and salmon during the annual migration.  For those that are keen to put in the hours, Smiths beach has also been known to produce some decent size mulloway.

Indijup Beach and Point

Indijup Beach is a beautiful stretch of coastline which provides some awesome beach fishing.  In addition, the south end of the beach curves around which provides protection from the larger swells and onshore winds.

When fishing from Indijup you’re likely to catch bread and butter species such as whiting, herring, flathead, tailor, and garfish.  If you’re targeting larger species then the odd mulloway is not uncommon.  Note, that this is also a great spot to target salmon during the season.

Hamelin Bay

A bit of a drive south is Hamelin Bay.  This is a nice large bay which is an ideal beach location.  With the shape of the bay and the offshore reef, you’ll find Hamelin Bay is much more sheltered compared to other areas along the coastline.

Popular with boaties, the boat ramp can get busy in peak periods, hence if you’re keen for a fish here then the recommendation is to head up to the right of the ramp and find a quieter spot to cast a line.  Also, best to steer clear of the large visiting sting rays that are known to come into the shallows on a regular basis.

Fish species you’ll likely to catch at Hamelin Bay include herring, whiting, skippy, flathead, and garfish.  This is also a great spot for salmon fishing too, not to mention crayfish during the season.

Can you catch trout in Margaret River?

The river itself may hold trout though, to be honest, if you’re keen on some trout fishing then I’d be trying other freshwater fishing spots in surrounding areas such as Pemberton which is well known for it’s trout fishing.

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Can you catch squid in Margaret River?

Due to the rugged coastline and large swells along the coastline, I’ve never had much luck catching squid in Margaret River.  The only time we’ve caught some has been drift fishing an area out from the Gracetown boat ramp.

If you’re keen to catch squid then I’ll recommend taking a drive up to Busselton which is well known for it’s squid fishing.

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Boat fishing at Margaret River

Boat fishing off the coast of the Margaret River region can be very rewarding with local fishermen often catching a decent feed, though saying that fishing these waters are not suited for the inexperienced.

The reason I say this is that the coastline is quite rugged with large swells rolling in from the Indian Ocean.  Therefore, if you’re going to venture out for some offshore fishing, ensure you have an ocean-going sea-worthy boat.  Also, make sure that you have all the appropriate safety gear and most importantly that you pick the right weather conditions.

If the conditions aren’t in your favour or you have concerns then I’d recommend driving a little further north and fishing Geographe Bay which is much more protected from the elements.

Where can I launch my boat near Margaret River?

If you’re keen to launch your boat from Margaret River, due to the coastline there aren’t many options in front of Margs though there are a few boat ramps located nearby.  

These include:

Fishing tackle and bait supplies?

If you’re short on fishing tackle or bait supplies in Margaret River, then not to worry as there are a few places to choose from.  My go-to tackle stores when I’m down margs are usually:

  • Down South Camping & Outdoors
  • BCF Margaret River

Margaret River Fishing Charters

If you’re keen to venture out on a fishing charter whilst staying in Margaret River then you’re best bet would be to head out from Dunsborough on a deep-sea fishing charter with Legend Charters.

Legend Charters has been operating in the Margaret River region for quite some time and are known to provide a great fishing charter experience.

Fishing Guides for areas surrounding Margaret River

If you’re looking for information on fishing the surrounding areas to Margaret River then be sure to check out my fishing guides below:

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