Fishing in Mandurah, Western Australia

With a magnificent coastline and amazing waterways, Mandurah is definitely a fishing destination worthy of a visit.

Crabbing of Jetty at Mandurah

Fishing Spots in Mandurah

Similar to Fishing in Perth you have the options to either fish off the Mandurah beaches or to fish within the Mandurah waterways such as the Peel Inlet and the Murray River. 

Below is a list of fishing spots in Mandurah:

Beach fishing spots

  • Long Point
  • Secret Harbour
  • Golden Bay
  • Madora Beach
  • San Remo Beach
  • Halls Head
  • Tims Thicket

Rivers and waterway fishing spots

  • Dawesville Cut (Channel)
  • Peel Inlet
  • Serpentine River
  • Murray River

What fish can you catch in Mandurah?

Depending where you are fishing within Mandurah will determine the types of species you are likely to catch.

If you’re fishing at some of the coastal spots in Mandurah then you’re likely to pick up bread and butter species such as Tailor, Herring, Whiting and Skippy. If you’re lucky then you might come across some of the bigger species such as Pink Snapper, Mulloway and Salmon (In season).

If you’re fishing within the waterways such as Peel Inlet or Murray River then you’re likely to catch species such as flathead, whiting, Bream, Tailor and Herring.

Where can I catch crabs in Mandurah?

If you’re keen to catch yourself a feed of Blue Manna crabs (Formally known as Blue Swimmer Crabs) then you want to focus your efforts in the Peel Harvey Estuary. During the season there are many spots you can walk along the edges of the estuary and scoop for crabs.

Or if you have access to a boat then it’s definitely worth heading out into the deeper waters to drop a few nets.

If you’re looking for more information on how to catch Blue Manna crabs then check out our Blue Swimmer Crab page.

Where can I launch my boat?

If you’re looking for locations of ramps in Mandurah then check out our Mandurah Boat Ramps page which shows ramps both in the inlet, rivers, marinas and along the Mandurah coast line.


Remember to always check the Department of Fisheries website for the latest information regarding rules, regulations, licences and fishing zones before your next trip!

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