Diving the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

The Mackerel Islands are a perfect spot for scuba diving or snorkeling. There is an amundant amount of islands, atolls and coral reefs to be explored by avid scuba divers and snorkellers.

Scuba diving mackerel islands
Diving the Mackerel Islands off Onslow, Western Australia

Scuba diving locations

There are many sites, which you can explore for diving including, Rankin Road, Sultans Reef, Brewis Reef, and Black Flag. You can see many beautiful coral reefs and fish colonies. 

Sultan’s Reef (closest to Thevenard Island)

Sultan’s reef is an aswesome coral wall that starts around 14m deep up to the top which is about 6m deep. This coral wall is home to some amazing marine life including a bunch of different nudi species and other territorial fish including clown fish and coral trout.

You’ll often see large pelagic fish species cruising along the reef too. Such species include spanish mackerel, barracuda, giant trevally and more. When it comes to making a safety stop on your ascent, at a depth of 6m, the top of the reef is the ideal place to hang for 5 minutes before asending to the surface.

Black Flag

Sitting at a depth of 17m, Blag Flag is another popular spot for scuba divers visting the area. With awesome corally caves and ledges to explore you’ll come across a range of different marine species.

Massive groper, large nurse and leopard sharks, sea snakes, coral trout and more. Be sure to keep an eye out for a heap of nudibranches too which are very common at Black flag.

Trap Reef

Sitting between the depths of 3 – 13 metres, Trap reef is made up of small clusters of coral reef including small caves and ledge like overhangs.

Apart from the amazing hard and soft corals, there are a number of different species that occupy this area including Chinamen fish, coral trout, clown fish, spanish flag, magrove jack and reef sharks. Additional to this, scuba divers often come across turtles cruising around the area.

For more information on diving the Mackerel Islands, check out this scuba diving page on the official mackerel islands website.

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