Boating in the Mackerel Islands, Western Australia

Planning to do some boating in the Mackerel Islands? With ten islands and atolls to explore, the Mackerel Islands are a popular destination amongst fisherman, scuba divers and visitors in the area.

Game fishing boat
Game fishing boat exploring Mackerel Islands

If you have your own boat, you can easily explore the entirety of Mackerel islands without any hassle. While the boating here is a fun gateway you need to carry all emergency tools and equipment with you including a good quality radio.

Thevenard Island

The main island where people can stay or moore up and get supplies is Thevenard Island. On the island there are:

  • Boat moorings
    • 23 small boat moorings available (these can take boats up to up to 8.5m in length)
    • Two deep boat moorings (these can take up to 12m boats)
  • Fuel is available daily
  • There is tackle, Bait and ice available
  • A dedicated fish cleaning table
  • A vhf radio base operating via channel 72

Note, the boat moorings are free for guests though if you’re not staying on Thevenard Island there is a night charge to use them.

Where to launch?

To get over to the islands you’ll need to launch your boat at the Onslow Boat Ramp located on Beadon Creek Road.

Hire Boat

If you would like to to do some boating in the Mackerel Islands, though don’t own a boat there is a boat hiring service on Thevenard Island. They offer a plaka 4.6m boat for hire, which is perfect for taking you and the family out.

With your own boat you can head out for some fishing, find a nice spot for some snorkeling or just cruise around the island and enjoy the scenery. This boat is licenced for four adults comes with all the necessary safety gear.

Note, like other boat hire services you will need to ensure you have your recreational skippers ticket.

More information

For more info on taking your boat to the Mackerel Islands, check out the boating section of the Mackerel Islands website.

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