Mackerel Islands, WA: Pilbara’s best fishing grounds

If you’re into scuba diving, fishing or just a lover of the ocean, Mackerel Islands is the perfect place for you. These islands are located along the amazing coast of Pilbara, near Onslow. Mackerel islands is a magical place for tourists as they can enjoy fishing, diving, boating, and nature on the islands. 

You can get a ferry from Onslow to visit the island, or take a short 7 minute flight. There are several rare marine species to explore with an amazing view and outstanding weather. There is refreshing isolation and an adventurous environment on the island. You can catch a fish or go diving on the sandy beaches of the amazing Mackerel islands. 


The Mackerel Islands are located on the pilbara coast and can be accessed from Onslow via ferry or plane. There is only 45 minutes ferry ride or if you prefer going by air you need to board a plane for 7 minutes flight.   Onslow is approximately 1380kms north of Perth.

More information

Alternatively, another great source for information is the Mackerel Islands website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get to the Mackerel Islands?

The Mackerel Islands are accessible by boat or plane. You can catch a Island transfer from Onslow, or alternatively launch and drive your own boat over. For those that wish to fly to the Islands there is an air strip on Thevenard Island.

Can I moore by boat within Mackerel Islands?

Yes, there are boat moorings available on Thevenard Island. For more information visit the boating info page.

Where can I refuel my boat on the Island?

There is a refuelling station on Thevenard Island, however this is only available during a certain time within the day. They provide unleaded, though diesel fuel can be organised if the appropriate notice is given.

More answers to FAQs regarding the Islands can be found on the Islands website.

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