Natures Window (Kalbarri), Western Australia

Natures window at Kalbarri National Park
A photo of the window – check out the views behind!

This is a natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. The Natures Window lookout point in Kalbarri, Western Australia, allows visitors to peer through and observe the amazing views of the gorges and national park at their best. Located on the western coast of Australia some 6-7hrs north of Perth, this is one of Western Australia’s must see tourist attractions.

What makes this such a popular tourist attraction is the spectacular rock arch which with the right light make natures window look like an opening into another world. The colors within window are so bright it’s often hard to believe that natures forces such as wind, rain and sea have created what we see today.

Many tourists often confuse natures window for something pre formed with people believing they’ve discovered some sort of secret hidden in the rocks. In fact the rocky window was created by Mother Nature through erosion over millions of years. Wind, rain and sea has caused natures window to form into the shape of an archway which looks as though you can pass right through it.

A great video giving you an insight of the window and what it looks like

There are some steep stairs leading down to the window so we recommend that people carry water with them during their visit so they remain hydrated on hot days.

The popularity of this attraction has led to natures window becoming congested ,so next time you are visiting take some steps back away from the crowd and allow yourself enough time to take your own personal snaps in front of the window without feeling rushed by waiting crowds getting those same snapshots as you.

Once you get there you’ll see why natures window is also known as The Window To Heaven!

For more information check out this page on the Wildlife and Parks website.

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