Ultimate Guide to fishing at Kalbarri, WA: Spots, What You Can Catch, Photos & More

Kalbarri is well known for its great fishing. Wherever the location, fishermen can enjoy the hunt throughout the year with plenty of different fish species to be caught.

Chinamans Beach in Kalbarri Western Australia
Chinamans Beach at Kalbarri

What fish can you catch at Kalbarri?

There is a range of fish species to be caught at Kalbarri.  Depending on whether your land-based fishing or offshore fishing, the species caught at Kalbarri include:

  • Land-based species
    • Whiting
    • Tailor
    • Herring
    • Skippy
    • Bream (Black, tarwhine)
    • Flathead
    • Mulloway
  • Offshore species
    • Cobia
    • Cod
    • Baldchin grouper
    • Mackerel (Spanish, shark etc)
    • Rankin cod
    • Dhufish
    • Coral trout
    • Red emperor
    • Red throat emperor
    • Tuna

Land based Fishing Spots in and around Kalbarri

There are a number of great fishing spots in and around Kalbarri.  These include:

Oyster Reef

Located on the other side of the river from Kalbarri is Oyster Reef. Although restricted to those that have a kayak or boat to get to the other side, Oyster Reef is a fishing spot that is worth checking out. Species you can catch at Oyster Reef include tailor, pink snapper, bream, herring, and even the odd mulloway.

Fishing off Oyster Reef at Kalbarri

As you can see from the video above you can fish direct off the reef o ensure you wear appropriate footwear so you don’t cut your feet up on the reef.

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Murchinson River Mouth

The mouth of the Murchinson River at Kalbarri is definitely a spot to consider. As the mouth narrows down you’ll find a number of species cruising through this channel, presenting a great opportunity to catch the likes of tailor, whiting, bream, flathead, herring, and the odd mulloway.

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Murchison River

If you’re fishing with kids then the sheltered waters of the Murchison river is a great spot, or alternative you can access some great beaches and cliff fishing for those with more experience.

One thing to note, however, is that Chinamans Beach is a no-fishing zone as this is a swimming beach. You need to watch for no-fishing signs here.  Overall Kalbarri should definitely be on the list.  This place is perfect for all kinds of fishing for people with no experience in fishing to expert anglers.

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Wagoe Beach

A little further out from Kalbarri (20kms south) is Wagoe Beach. Wagoe beach is a well known land based fishing spot with some awesome fish being caught on a regular basis.

Wagoe Beach land based fishing spot south of Kalbarri WA
Wagoe Beach

For more information check out our Wagoe Beach page.

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Where can you catch tailor at Kalbarri?

If you’re keen to catch yourself a decent tailor then I’d definitely be looking at the likes of Oysters Reef, Red Bluff, or around the mouth of the Murchison River.  I’ve had the best luck with tailor when fishing with free-floating mullie or small gardie on a ganged hook setup.  You can also do pretty well working poppers or silver slices.

Mulloway fishing in Kalbarri

Beach fishing for Mulloway at Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is known to produce some awesome Mulloway. If you’re lucky enough you can pick them up around the river mouth of the Murchison River, or alternatively if you have a four-wheel there are some perfect spots up and down the coast to catch a mulloway.

Check out the video from the IFish crew above who head up the beach on a few quad bikes to find that perfect beach fishing spot.

Can you catch crabs in Kalbarri?

Yes, you certainly can.  The most common crab caught in the Murchison River is the blue swimmer crab though it’s also possible to get mud crabs in the river too.  I’ve never had any luck catching muddies, though have done well with blue manners over the years.

What is the best time to fish in Kalbarri?

Like most west aussie coastal fish spots I always find that just before sunrise and during sunsets are the most productive, with Kalbarri being no different.

If you’re keen on catching a decent tailor or that elusive mulloway then I definitely recommended fishing from sunset into the evening as I’ve seen some awesome mulloway and tailor caught during the evening hours.

Where can I launch my boat at Kalbarri?

Kalbarri town boat ramp

There is a decent ramp located at the mouth of the Murchison River.  For more information check out the Kalbarri town boat ramp page.

Where can I get fuel for my boat?

If you need fuel for your boat there are plenty of servos along the main street or of Kalbarri.  Most of these servos also have bait and snacks available too.

Bait and Tackle Supplies in Kalbarri

If you are running low on fishing tackle or need some bait then there are a couple of options, you have the Kalbarri Sports & Dive and the Kalbarri Tackle Shack (See links below).

Kalbarri Fishing Charters

A Kalbarri Fishing Charter
The Reef Walker fishing charter boat

When it comes to Kalbarri fishing charters, the main fishing charter operator is Reef Walker Fishing Charters.  Reef Walker fishing charters offer deep sea fishing charters where you can head out with your mates to catch the likes of dhufish, red emperor, pink snapper, baldchin group, spanish mackerel, and even tuna! For more information check out the link below:

Check out our Fishing Charters page for other fishing experiences within Western Australia.

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