Snorkelling in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Keen to do some snorkelling in Kalbarri? Kalbarri is not really known for its scuba diving though there are a quite a few places for snorkelling or swimming.

Chinamans Beach in Kalbarri Western Australia

The most protected area for snorkelling and swimming would be in and around the Murchison River in areas such as Chinamans Beach, however you may not discover a lot around that area as there much underwater structure.

There is more structure out near the river mouth though as this is where boats gain access to the ocean it’s not wise to be snorkelling in this area.

If you venture along the coast probably one of the best spots is Blue holes which is just five minutes out of Kalbarri. For more information check out the link below:

More information

Close up of reef at Blue Holes in Kalbarri

Ultimate Guide to Blue Holes in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Located close to Kalbarri, Blue Holes is a fantastic snorkelling and swimming spot providing an aquarium like experience full of beautiful corals and marine life. About Blue Holes Known for ...

Where can you hire snorkelling gear?

If you need snorkelling or dive supplies then there is a place in town for this. Check out Kalbarri Sport and Dive.

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