Boating in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is a great place for boating in Western Australia. You can bring your own boat if you want or you can rent a boat in the area. You can choose whatever suits your position and begin your boating experience in and around the waterways of the Murchison River.

This place is also great for fishing – whether if your lucky enough to have a boat you can fish the Murchison River or if your boat is sea worthy you can head out for some deep sea fishing.

The River Mouth

If you do plan on heading out to the ocean, it’s worth noting that the entrance to the river is quite tricky to navigate and quite swelly at times so you must ensure your boat is able to handle such conditions. It’s also important to make sure you have working equipment and you are familiar with all rules and regulations. 

Below are a couple of videos showing you the river mouth and some boats entering and exiting through the mouth.

Footage of a quintrex runabout heading out through the river mouth
Drone footage of the Murchison River Mouth in Kalbarri

Boat hire

There a a couple of boat and watercraft hire places in Kalbarri. One to take a look at is Kalbarri Boat Hire.

Boat ramp

The Kalbarri boat ramp is located at the Kalbarri Sea Search and Rescue building close to the mouth of the river. This has a concrete ramp and a jetty for boarding your boat. The below video provides some good footage of the Kalbarri boat ramp:

Video by Ralph Blundell

Kalbarri Maritime Facility

Further down the river you will find the Kalbarri Maritime Facility which is a boat harbour comprising two jetties, fuelling facilities, thirty two commercial pens and another boat ramp. For more information on the Kalbarri Maritime Facility refer to this publication on the Department of Transport website.

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