Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

Hamelin Bay is a must visit for anyone planning a trip down south. This stunning bay is nested within a cover along the coast line and is shelter from the larger swell due to a number of shallow reefs positioned off the coast.

Large sting ray at hamelin bay
A close up of one of the large Stingrays at Hamelin Bay, WA

Location Map

Hamelin Bay is located 264km south of Perth which is approximately 3-3.5hrs drive.


There are some awesome fish to be caught within Hamelin Bay. Due to the sheltered nature of the bay the Salmon love to lay up in this bay during their migration from the south coast heading north.

Within the Salmon season it’s not uncommon to find large schools of Salmon circling in the area. If you’re keen to catch a salmon then it’s definately worth checking out Hamelin during the months of April through to May.

Things to do

Being located right in the bay, Hamelin is the perfect location for water based activities. Whether your up for some beach fishing, keen to do some snorkeling or want to take the kayak or paddleboard out then this is your ideal place.

A big tourist attraction in the area are the giant friendly stingrays that come in looking for a feed. These a definitely a site worth seeing so if you’re in the area pop down and take a look.

Note, best conditions for seeing the sting rays is when you have an offshore wind, or little wind at all. These conditions on a sunny day will help to ensure the water is nice a clear.

Snorkelling with the sting rays at Hamelin Bay, Western Australia


If you have a boat and a 4WD there is boat ramp you can use for launching out into the bay. This is perfect for those wanting to venture out for a fish or perhaps to dive for some crays.

Photos of Hamelin Bay

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