Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Geraldton, Western Australia

Apart from being a nice holiday destination, Geraldton is also known for its great fishing. With numerous beaches to fish from, rivers, harbours and rocky outcrops to fish from there a number of different opportunities.

Tailor caught off the coast of Geraldton | Photo by Northern Addicts

In addition to this, Geraldton is also the gateway to the Abrolhos Islands which is another sought after fishing destination.

Fishing spots in Geraldton

There are a number of fantastic fishing spots worth checking out. See the list below:

  • Cape Burney
  • Geraldton Harbour
  • Port Grey
  • Separation Point
  • Point More
  • Chapman River
  • South Drummond Cove
  • North Drummond Cove
  • Coronation Beach

What fish can you catch in Geraldton?

There are a range of different species you can catch in Geraldton. If you’re land based then species you’re likely to pick include:

  • Whiting
  • Bream
  • Herring
  • Tailor
  • Skippy
  • Garfish
  • Mulloway

If you’re fortunate to head offshore then the types of fish you can catch will increase and will include some bigger species such as:

Geraldton tailor fishing

Due to its rugged coastline, Geraldton is a great spot for targeting tailor. With pristine beaches, deep gullies and reefy outcrops tailor often cruise along looking for a feed.

If you’re keen to catch tailor in Geraldton then the recommendation would be to check out some of the fishing spots below, looking out for shallow reefs or deep gullies within reefs that are ideal for tailor.

Tailor being caught from a local Geraldton reef | Video by Northern Addicts

Check out our tailor page for tips and techniques on how to catch a tailor.

Geraldton Mulloway fishing

In addition to producing some awesome tailor, Geraldton is well known as a hotspot for mulloway too. A number of the beach fishing spots in Geraldton are ideal for mulloway, especially those that have deep ensure gullies to fish with.

Mulloway caught in Western Australia
(Photo by Anton Pope)

Although it’s a little further south, if you’re keen for a drive and have a 4WD S-Bend is a great spot for mulloway!

For more tips and tricks on how to catch mulloway check out our mulloway page, or alternatively join the Geraldton Mulloway Hunters facebook group which has been specifically set up for anglers that are keen to catch mulloway in the Geraldton area.

Geraldton Fishing Gurus

For those that don’t know him, Ben Svenson from Northern Addicts is based in Geraldton. Ben is a WA fishing guru that has a wealth of local knowledge and often documents his fishing experiences in and around Geraldton via his YouTube channel.

Ben fishing at Geraldton | Photo by Northern Addicts

If you’re keen to learn more about fishing in Geraldton then be sure to follow Ben on his socials or subscribe to his Youtube channel.

Boat fishing in Geraldton

Apart from some decent land based fishing options, Geraldton also offers some great offshore fishing opportunities.

Offshore fishing spots

If you plan to take the tub out for a fish then here are a few spots that are worth checking out:

  • African Reef
  • North of Cape Burney (East side of the reef)
  • Abrolhos Islands (60km offshore – only recommended for large boats)

Where can I launch my boat to go fishing in Geraldton?

There are two main boat ramps where you can launch your boat in Geraldton. One is located within the Batavia Coast Marina and the other further south near the town beach.

For more info check out our Geraldton boat ramps page.

Geraldton Fishing Charters

With Abrolhos Islands 60kms off the coast of Geraldton there are a number of fishing charters to operate out of Geraldton. A few worth checking out are:

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