The Best Things to do with Kids in Dunsborough 2024 (Locals Guide)

Country farm in Dunsborough Western Australia
Country Farm in Dunsbrough, Western Australia

Looking for something to do with kids in Dunsborough, Western Australia? Not to worry, with my parents living down south I’ve spent a lot of time in Dunsborough and the Margaret River region so I can definitely recommend so great things to do and places to check out with children. 

Hope you find this article helpful, oh and if you do please let me know in the comments – thank you!

Take the kids fishing around Dunsborough

Salmon caught with family at Bunker Bay
A decent salmon caught fishing with my sons

If you’re keen to go fishing around Dunsborough has some nice bays or rocky outcrops to cast a line from.  If you have kids with you then I’d recommend fishing from the beach as this is the safer option, or if you’re confident at rock fishing then there are a number of great spots that produce decent fish.  

If it’s salmon season, then I’d definitely recommend heading up to Bunker Bay for a fish as I go there every year and never fail to catch a feed of salmon👍

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Take the kids to some of the local natural attractions

On the ocean side of Dunsborough, down towards Yallingup, there are a selection of natural attractions that a definitely worth checking out.  Here are the ones I’d recommend👌

1. Injidup Natural Spa

injidup natural spa near dunsborough
My two sons enjoying their time at Injidup Natural Spa

Suited more for the warmer months, Injidup Natural Spa is a popular natural attraction just near Yallingup.  With a little lagoon area and a natural waterfall created by the water rushing over the rocks, the kids love it here!

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2. Canal Rocks

Foot bridge over Canal Rocks in Yallingup
Canal Rocks (Near Dunsborough, Western Australia)

As the name suggests, Canal Rocks is a natural canal that has formed through large granite rocks over hundreds, if not thousands of years. With a bridge that allows you to walk out over the canal, you’re able to really experience nature at its best! Oh, and not to mention – the bridge is perfect for those wanting to get a nice selfie😉📷

3. The Aquarium

Side view of the Aquarium in Yallingup

Close by Canal Rocks is what is known as ‘the aquarium”.  This somewhat natural aquarium provides a beautiful protected area for visitors to take a nip and have a snorkel.  Keep in mind, however, the Aquarium isn’t quite accessible as the other attractions and takes a bit of a walk to get there, especially if you have kids with you.

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Take the kids to check out the farm animals at Country Life Farm

My sons feeding the guinea pigs at Country life farm

More suited to younger kids, country life farm is a popular attraction in the Dunsborough area where kids get to interact with a number of animals plus spend time playing in different areas of the farm.  

My son feeding the animals near the entrance to the farm

Personally, I found the gym play area great for two young boys as they got to burn off a bunch of energy whilst I had a chance to grab a quick coffee😉

Check out Wow Illusions

wow illusions at dunsborough

You’re kids will love it at Wow Illusions!  I took both my boys here and we had a great time.  There is also the opportunity for some great photos too.

Wow illusion near dunsborough wa
Kids playing at wow illusions near dunsborough

Go swimming at Meelup Beach (Summer activity)

Relaxing at Meelup Beach in Dunsborough
Relaxing in the crystal clear waters of Meelup Beach

If you’re looking for a nice beach to take the kids swimming then I’d recommend Meelup Beach.  This popular beach is located on the east side of the coastline which helps provide protection from the elements, making it much more suited to children.  

Over the years I’ve taken my two sons here time and time again and it’s always been so much fun.  One tip though, it can get very busy during the summer, especially over school holidays, so if you can try to get there early to avoid the crowds.

Other swimming beaches I would recommend for kids around Dunsbrough would be:

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Take the kids to Margaret River Chocolate Factory

A stop over at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory is always a favourite with the kids!  We often stop there on the way home from an outing whether it’s for some chocolate, a milkshake, or just a handful of free samples, the kids always leave with a smile!  

Oh and if they have some energy to burn then there is always a large area out the back with a simple play area to keep the young ones entertained.

See the large stingrays at Hamelin Bay

touching the large stingrays at hamelin bay

I wasn’t going to mention this one as Hamelin Bay isn’t very close to Dunsborough, however if you have some time and feel like going on bit of a road trip then I’d recommend going for a drive down to Hamelin bay to see the Stingrays.

seeing the large stingrays at hamelin bay
My younger son watching one of the stingrays underwater with a snorkel mask

Both my sons had such a fun time watching and swimming the with stingrays that we try and pop down there most times when we’re in the margaret river region.

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Other things to do in Dunsborough for families

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Final thoughts on kid friendly activities in Dunsborough

I hope you’ve found this article to be helpful and that it’s given you some kid friendly activities for you and your family to do in Dunsborough. If I’ve missed something and if you have a great idea you would like to add to the list above, drop us a comment below with the details and I’ll be sure to add it to the list:)

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