Fishing in Dunsborough, Western Australia

If you are an angler, this is the place you want to be. Dunsborough is a great fishing place for both boat fishing and shore fishing. If you visit this place early to late Autumn, you can find Australian salmon as they migrate from the south and move on their way up to Perth waters.

Fishing off Bunker Bay in Dunsborough
Fishing for Salmon with my son off Bunker Bay, Dunsbrough

What fish can you catch in Dunsborough?

Being located so close to the ocean, Dunsborough is all about saltwater species. The most popular species around Dunsborough and the surrounding areas is salmon. During the salmon season, the beaches around Dunsborough and up along the cape are the go-to destinations for fishermen looking to get a feed of salmon.

Apart from Salmon, other popular fish species caught in and around Dunsborough include your bread and butter species such as herring, whiting, tailor, flathead & skippy. Some of the deeper rocky-type spots around Dunsborough can also produce bigger species such as Samson fish, pink snapper, tuna, yellowtail kingfish and sharks.

Where can I catch squid in Dunsborough?

Squid can be caught in different locations along the coast of Dunsborough, though your best bet would be to fish along the east side of the cape which faces Geographe Bay

If you’re land-based fishing then try some of the boat ramp jetties at night such as the Old Dunsborough boat ramp or the Quindalup boat ramp.  Although it’s more towards Busselton the Abbey Boat Ramp is also worth a go.

Two squid going for the same baited jig off busselton

If you have access to a boat in Dunsborough and you’re keen to catch some Squid then your best bet is to launch at the Old Dunsborough boat ramp or Quindalup and head out squid fishing within Geographe Bay.  This bay is known to produce some great squid fishing and when the conditions are right you won’t be disappointed!

Check out our squid page for more information on tips and techniques on catching Squid!

Where can I catch Abalone in Dunsborough?

Freshly caught abalone from Perth Western Australia
Freshly caught Abalone

Roe Abalone can be caught at various spots amongst the granite and reef reformations of the Dunsborough and Yallingup coastline. Ideally you want to check out areas with slightly submerged granite or reef on a low tide combined with a small swell.

Although these areas can be quite productive for Abalone be sure to have your wits about yourselves as there are parts of the south west coast that can be very unforgiving.

Check out our Abalone fishing guide for more useful info and tips and catching Abalone within WA.

Where can you catch Salmon in Dunsborough?

Salmon caught at Bunker Bay WA
A salmon I caught with my son fishing at Bunker Bay, Dunsborough

If you looking to catch a feed a salmon around the Dunsborough area then spots to consider include:

Note, most of these spots can get pretty busy during the salmon season, in particular the April school holidays, easter weekend and the long Anzac weekend. So if you are heading down around this time I usually try to fish really early before the crowds arrive (particularly at Bunker Bay) or later in the day near sunset.

Fishing spots in Dunsborough

With Dunsborough being located on the cape you have many land-based fishing spots to choose. These include:

If you’re fishing for salmon during the autumn then spots such as Eagle Bay, Bunker Bay and Castle Rock always produce during the annual salmon run.

Eagle Bay

Eagle bay is another fantastic fishing spot near Dunsborough.  Heading north from Dunsborough towards the Cape you’ll come across a number of little beaches and bays which is collectively known as Eagle Bay.

Aerial view of Eagle Bay coastline in Dunsborough

The great thing about Eagle Bay is that it faces the east meaning it’s protected from the westerly winds and the large swells that hit the west side of the cape.

There are a number of different fish you can catch from Eagle Bay including Tailor, Skippy, Whiting, Flathead and small Shark.  It’s also a popular spot for catching Salmon during the annual Salmon migration.

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Bunker Bay

Located on the northern end of Cape Naturaliste, Bunker Bay is a popular beach fishing spot for locals and visitors, particularly in the  warmer months.

Bunker bay beach near dunsborough in Western Australia

If you’re keen on catching Salmon during the season then this is definitely a spot that is worth checking out. This spot is great for rock fishing, beach fishing and fishing from a boat within the bay.

Visit our Bunker Bay page for more info on fishing at Bunker Bay.

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Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp

When there are no boats on the ramp the Dunsborough boat ramp is an ideal spot to cast a line and is also one of the safer options to take kids for a fish within the area.

The Old Dunsborough Boat ramp in Dunsborough Western Australia

In addition to the boat ramp jetty the surrounding rocks are good to fish off too with a number of anglers catching some decent Tailor and Salmon.

Visit the Dunsborough boat ramp for more information.

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Castle Rock

Known for it’s impressive rock formations, Castle Rock is another great spot to cast a line. 

Castle Rock near Dunsborough in Western Australia
Castle Rock – a rocky fishing platform ideal for salmon fishing during the season

Although not ideal for kids, this rocky point provides a good fishing platform for those that are keen to catch a feed in the area.  As the rock jots out somewhat, you’ll find a number of species travel around this point when cruising along the coast so it’s a great spot for those wanting to catch salmon during the season.

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Boat fishing spots around Dunsborough

There are a number of great boat fishing spots located around Dunsborough. Launching at old dunsborough boat ramp you’ll be able to either head out and fish the sheltered waters of Geographe Bay or alternatively head up around the cape to some deeper more challenging, yet rewarding boat fishing.

Four Mile Reef

If you head approximately 6 km away from shore, you will find the Four Mile Reef which is known to produce decent Pink Snapper, and Dhufish.

Dunsborough Artificial Reef

If you go 7km out from Dunsborough, you will find the Dunsborough artificial reef. This reef can produce Dhufish, Samson, Blue Groper, and Pink Snapper.

Dunsborough Artificial Reef Coordinates

The below photo helps to show the layout of the reef clusters within the artificial reef.

Map of Dunsborough Artificial Reef at Quindalup boat ramp
Artificial reef cluster diagram

Fishing Videos

Below are a collection of videos relating to fishing in Dunsborough.

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